A Zer0 run trough maingame + the big DLCs

PSN: Jubamon

I live in Finland, and I’ll be playing everyday about 6 pm (UTC+2). We can deal another time between 4-8 pm if someone would like to join permanently. We can also go private if you’d like. I do have a mic.

  • I’ll have first picks of Jakobs pistols and Jakobs/Maliwan sniper rifles, Hyperion’s singularity grenades and amplifier shields, Zer0’s class mods and cosmetics I don’t have yet, and any relics/legendary items I find suitable for him. Everything else is yours for the taking.

  • No characters below two or above one level from the current main mission!

  • No picking every side mission. We can discuss which ones we want to do.

  • Let’s all stay together. No rushing!

A mic would be nice, but as long as you’re able to follow requests I don’t mind.

We can play the Pre-Sequel after this run if you’d like.

this might be a little late… but if you still want to play reply to me, I’m down… PSN: Chiefbird47