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Excellent job lady!!, very appreciated :smiley:

I support this. I still insist thay the LLM’s aren’t dropping stuff as they used to be.
Also, the buff also affects the Treasure Room from DLC1, I’ve got quite a bunch of oranges there.

I can do test runs in the treasure room if you want man.

Thank you ^-^ dat man tho

The Treasure Room chests are something that I forgot about but that would be nice. Knowing if the skull chests are able to drop Legendaries would be very good information as they are forced to be at least blue. That would suggest they are even more likely but… have I ever seen one from there?

The Skull chest drop legendaries. I have got Strikers, Lyudas, grenade mods. The Pirate red chest can even spawn Pearls!

Let me do the runs, I’ll upload anything here. Have to add that the treasure room is a great source for E-Techs.

Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Anyone know if the mercenary train chests are boosted or not? (Or what their chances are to begin with?)

I’ve only gotten a single Legendary (Maggie) out of the past 13 runs or so (all in UVHM, spread among levels 54-56). I’m hoping I’m just on a bad luck streak…

Wish I could give a solid answer. The overall loot quality is the same as red chests containing no White stuff except the occasional bugged shield. Due to the amount of them they are the best chest source for Legendaries or Pearlescents but if red chests aren’t improved this one is most likely not either.

I still would say that you have a streak of bad luck. I found plenty of Legendaries in there before the hotfix but not even one Pearlescent and there are people who found two in the same run.

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I have yet to see a single legendary anything in the train’s stash, much less a pearl (lvl 72, UVHM).

Since I don’t have a hat, I will just say that the work you’re putting on deserves some respect.

Just wanted to help a bit, thanks :blush:

Fix’d xD

Yay :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: These emoticons look a bit too goofy sometimes

First of all, thanks for all the work.

… and Terramorphous gives us Orange Skins and Heads (with Krieg’s Head being Blue for some reason.

Did you mean Vermi?

If only the Invader would be buffed, it would also appear significantly more often than the others.

FWIW, at first glance (at least for me), it reads like you’re talking about buffing the Invader’s stats, not the drop rate. I’d probably use something like “If the drop rate for just the Invader (the legendary) was buffed, …”.

Re: The Tina DLC grenade mods

Could the BA mages have 2 separate loot pools, one for the blue mods and one for the legendary/purple? More than once, I’ve gotten a blue and legendary from the same guy. I don’t know if that’s something that you need to try to address. I just thought it was worth mentioning.

You can only get Seraph items from raid bosses and the Seraph vendors, right? It might be worth mentioning that.

Only 6 Emperors dropped resulting in a 1,667~% chance.

I’m thinking you meant 1.667. :slight_smile: Or is that a notational difference, since the decimal separator can be “.” or “,”, depending on the region/language.

FWIW, as far as the Treasure Room goes, I’ve gotten legendaries from the inner (skull) chests and the outer chests, and several pearls from the outer chests, but no pearls from the inner chests. I don’t know if that’s just luck, or if the inner chests are actually not capable of producing pearls.

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Yes, you are right. How embarassing considering I talk about Terra in the very next section.

Bad choice of words on my part indeed.

That is the case, yes, as it is possible to find a regular and the Legendary variant at the same time. Although my focus is on the Legendary/Purple only so I didn’t mention that.

That is also correct. My focus was only on how they could affect the overall drop rate of a specific drop (especially the Norfleet) so I didn’t think about that.

I usually try to go for the American system but occasionally I still end up going with the German system I am used to :3 So yes, it’s meant to 1.667

Interesting. Good information. Maybe those pirate chests are essentially just ordinary red chests and thus received their updated pool while the skull chests are unique and thus never got updated with Pearls.
The main focus is still Legendaries of course.

Anyway, thanks for pointing out all that. I’ll work on fixing these silly mistakes.

No problem. Just trying to help. :acmsmile:

Well, did the runs in the treasure room. Of 10 runs, got 4 legendaries.

That’s a pretty nice 40% of getting a legendary. Yet, K clipped sometimes through the Leviathan so probably there were more oranges. Needs a higher amount of runs, but preliminarly, that’s the chance of getting a legendary in the treasure room. Consider also that there can spawn more than one legendary (once I got 3) and pearlscents (I got a Butcher from one of the chests).
Plus, it’s a nice place to farm E-Techs. Saw Blasters, Railers, Plasma Casters, Darts, Spikers, Splatguns…

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We could really need some dedicated enough to also run this without the hotfix.
Stating the exact amount of chests opened by type over at least 100 runs would be great. Stating the exact amount of loot would be even better but that is a crazy amount of work. I suppose comparing the average per chest pre- and post-hotfix would be great.

Nice work in any case :slight_smile:

There are 14 chests in the Treasure room, and were 10 runs. Total: 140m chests with legendaries, 4.
We can stay with the math: (4*100)/140=2.857.

We have either a 2.9% of getting a legendary from the treasure room in terms of chest or a (uncertain) 40% per run.

Okay, interesting numbers.
Per run is a difficult number to average on simply because of the randomness. Pistols and Grenades have the highest amount per chest which is also a fact to consider. There’s also still the debate of the Skull chests going on.

So much to consider! Oh and what about the secret chest?

The secret chest is considered into the others as a whole. In fact, it is 13+1.
That little one also can spawn legendaries.