Ability documentation

In all the documentation on addAbility I’ve found, the cloak ability is described as having the following parameters

  • bIsActive>: is the ability active by default? (0 = inactive, 1 = active)
  • iCloakNumber>: value of cloaking. note: this is kind of vague.
  • fCloakRadius>: the radius within which other ships will also be cloaked.
  • fEnergyCutoff>: if the remaining energy is this much or lower, the ship will decloak.
  • fEnergyUsage>: amount of energy used per second while cloaked.
  • fEnergyCost>: amount of energy used to initiate cloak.
  • fEnergyRegen>: amount of energy recharged per second.
  • fEnergyMinimum>: minimum amount of energy required for the ship to cloak.

Other energy using abilities have similar parameters. There seems to be a missing data point though, which is… what’s the maximum amount of energy? If the bar is full, how much energy is in it? Anyone tested this extensively before?

could be perhaps a percentage system, so no real “max” value ?

Not based on the example usages in the game.



1, --isactive 2, --cloaknumber 500, --cloakradius 4000, --energy cutoff 3, --energy usage 100, --energy cost 1, --energy regen 1000 --energy minimum

I think that may be the fEnergyCutoff>?
In ShipTuning.xls in Relic Developer’s Network, it says:

<stop after this much> each turn that the cloak ability is used a counter incrememnts by usage, when it reaches this value cloaking is turned off.
<how much capacity to use> Increment the cloaking usage by this much each turn (0.1 seconds)

I’ve made some test with the kushan cloack fighter.
It seems, as Liuruoyang said above, that the max value is indeed what’s called “energy cutoff” in the karos graveyard doc. In shiptuning.xls, the description is somewhat different too (as seen in the image linked)
At least, I can tell you that this is coherent because it’s possible to reactivate the cloacking when the progress bar is visually above 25% (and 1000 is 25% of 4000 so…)

So fEnergyCutoff should actually be labled fEnergyMax, i suppose? That makes more sense. Thanks.

would be more logic, yes. Perhaps it would be wise to create a ship with a specific module where you could test this more to confirm it.