Ability to sell junk from vault

it would be incredible if i could mark items in vault and sell or discard them without having to make space in my backpack then run back and forth to a vendor machine.

please make this a thing

thank you


:arrow_up: This

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so nothing to add to the post. thank you

This is a QoL improvement that has been requested several times. And I think jmthsauer was indicating an up-vote on the idea.

Having been through this several times with purging excess level 50, then 53, and now 57 items, it would be a very nice feature as long as it had a robust buyback option should you make a mistake. Currently vending machines do seem to have a limit on the number of buyback items they can hold.

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yah. i kind recieved it as a upvote but i dont speak zane so i wasnt sure exactly what the translation was.