Ability to switch sights on guns

I’m not sure if this is where this belongs but, I would like to be able to take the scope off of my crossrdes. Or switch the scope with the sight of another crossroads.

I had hoped that this kind ignition would come out in BL3. I’d have rather been able to use eridian $ to buy upgrades to a favorite weapon. Like scopes, magazines, enhanced effects, but it didn’t happen. I like that some guns do have options installed, they can be fun. But when you have a fun weapon nuts it’s a little short on May size or fire rate it seems like it would be more fun to upgrade it.

Yep, just today, I received the Quest Reward “Pa’s Rifle”, and it’s a really nice Jakobs “Assault Rifle” (even though it’s really a “Wild West Style” rifle like most Jakobs models, but I digress) and I immediately wondered why it only has iron sights, and no scope at all? Looking at the size of Pa’s Farm, he could’ve used a good scope on that rifle! :unamused: