Ability to view challenges during matches?

A minor thing, but I would like an option to view challenges during matches. I can sometimes forget what my characters Lore challenges were, for example, and I’d like the ability to quickly check them without having to search for them From The Interwebs when I’m playing.

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Strongly agree. Bump

I think it would be best if it was something you selected to track, too. There are a lot of challenges per character (not just the lore ones) so it could take up a lot of space if all were shown.

Maybe there could be a “track list” or something that lets you track like… 5 to 10 challenges of your choice (maybe per character if that isn’t too hard to do).

Best place to put the actual status tracker would probably be on the Scoreboard screen below the scoreboard. That seems to load pretty quickly during matches.

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Possibly. Or even a basic challenge menu in the pause menu. I’m really down for any way to check them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was thinking that (sorta like the moves list for a fighting game) but that might bring to many people out of the game for too long (thinking of when playing with other people, not solo obviously). Even then, it would be nice to have a way to highlight what ones you really care about (maybe you don’t really need to worry about killing those 1,000 Jennerit thralls anymore).

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Maybe a mix, display only tracked ones in the Pause Menu?

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That sounds perfect. I only kept saying score board because I compulsively check it often and it seems to pop up pretty quickly. Maybe the tracked ones there and the full list in the pause menu then.