Ability to view other player's helix choices

I would like to be able to see how my teammates are upgrading their helixes that way I can try to avoid conflicting builds and go for helix choices that work better with theirs if possible. It also lets me find out how to fight with them too. Such as combining Thoughts?

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It would be pretty hard to show it I feel. There’s 10 choises and I think it would be hard to cram that all in a menu for 5 players (I assume you mean teammates only).

Also, in which case is a build conflicting with teammates? Personally, I just try out all helix choises and over time develop a favorite playstyle. I can’t think of a case where a certain build conflicts with other builds (except maybe throwups, but they’ll be conflicting no matter what build other players choose).

No Heroes’ helix conflicts with anyone elses. If you want to learn how to play the Hero just set up a private versus match with bots.

When I say conflict I meant that they don’t work well with another players build for example if Miko is building stun for his mushroom I’ll build my cross blade catalyst stun as rath. Or if kelvin of building slow I’m not going to build pull as gal since it won’t work well since that slow becomes useless if I pull them off of it. I know how to play I’ve been playing since the CTT. I constantly get 10 kills and low deaths in games. For example my last 4 games are 10-0 11-7 12-3 14-2.

The point of this thread is team SYNERGY. You missed that completely. Many helix choices that your teammates pick are not visible to you so by letting others see what you pick and you see what they pick you can easily figure out how to work better together since very few people have microphones.

No you would go to the scoreboard click on their name and then their helix would should up like it would if you went into your helix.

when I play bb my helix choices are built on what the enemy has for characters and what I can see them picking. For example I’m not going to choose a slow against characters with large leaps or teleports since they can get away easily anyways. I just want to be able to better see what my teammates are doing.

You do realize how much time would be wasted looking through 4 players Helix choices just so you can pick 1? While you are at base for 10 minutes looking at team comps I would rather be in the fight and trust my team knows what they have to do and can do it their way.

Good idea. You should be able to see enemy’s helix choices as well. HotS does something similar and like you said it helps prevent overlapping abilities on a team.

I’d personally only look at them while dead or recalling. I prett much know every characters choices by heart all I need it a quick glance.

Something like this? (I notice someone else also mention HOTS)

Shows level and icon of the skill. This information probably isn’t very useful for people who are not very familiar with the Helixes of other heroes so I don’t think it needs that much information. Maybe just an icon with the Helix position keybind.

I don’t think I’d do anything with this info but if other people need it I don’t see why not, as long as implementing it isn’t too time consuming.

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Maybe but I’d prefer a full helix view. Icons can be confusin IMO. Esp to those who can’t remember everything. Even I can only memorize so much about a helix. If I can’t get that that idea would still be great.

Wow, that’s great! How do you access the Team Deathmatch mode? I can only find Capture, Incursion and Meltdown, and none of those focus on K/D ratio

While that is true killing the opponents also means they have to wait for respawn which in turn means they are down a player making it easier to push objectives.

Haha very funny. KD is just to represent how well I know my characters in a fight and end game score doesn’t properly reflect my abilities. I focus on defending objects as much as possible which ironically allows me to kill more. I have no idea how many points my captured energy points got or how long they last or the exact amount of sentry damage I have done or the number of minions I led to the altars. KD is the only real data I can provide. So your sarcasm is moot. Maybe try to think before you post next time X P

But it’s not my main focus. I already have enough people going straight for kills ok both teams that helps me push much more easily. Plus when they run back to defend I can kill them while scoring points.

Personally, I think if you want to be this co-ordinated, you should play with a group of friends and just talk it over. If you’re in a pubmatch, you’ll just end up hurting yourself when the players turn out to be… not so stellar and you adjusted your build to synergize with them.

I would if I could but were rarely on together anymore bc of work, and even then the still have to stop what they’re doing and read me their helix while I have to look back at mine. That takes both of us “out of the game” as another user said. I understand there’s work involved but it’s just a wish list you know plus it could help a lot so there can see how to potentially build their characters esp if they never used someone before