Able to pick TVHM on a new character once you beat the game on normal with any character

It would be nice to be able to play TVHM on a new character once you have beaten the game at least once. The story is sooo long that doing it on normal THEN tvhm takes forever…

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Then don’t do it on TVHM. Use Mayhem mode once you beat the story and you are set.

But to play takedown on TVHM (Which more people do than NVHM) You need to beat the story again on TVHM.

I agree, there should be a way to shorten the process after knowing the story already

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Is there a slight drop rate/value increase?
I agree with OP’s suggestion, playing through the story once per character is plenty.

Someone else had suggested getting rid of TVHM entirely. Which, at the very least, is a better solution for various matchmaking woes.

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In my opinion this is one of the biggest problems BL2 had after the launch of OP levels. Conflicting difficulty systems adds confusion among players. TVHM should literally be a NG+ with a reset button for those players who want to collect quest rewards or play the campaign with Mayhem mode enabled. I honestly don’t think it should change he difficulty or drop rates at all. Leave all that stuff in one system rather then creating all these factors which determine optimal play. I liked this game but 5 playthroughs later I was done with the story. There was still a sence of obligation to get multiple characters out of Normal and in to TVHM for matchmaking and drop rates but I just didn’t want to.

Hopefully, they’ll do what BL2 did and make it so you can start a new character at Lv. 30 and close to the end of Normal.

This would be really convenient.

I had to do 10 Normal mode stories on 10 of my chars. The thought of doing it more really strikes fear in my dreams lol.

I agree that a “levelled character” start direct into TVHM would be nice (similar to the option added in BL2, although maybe not requiring you to complete the final mission first).

I’m not sure it would be a good idea to allow that for a character that you hadn’t already played though. IOW getting Zane through to the end of NVHM should not allow you to start your first ever Moze at (say) level 35 in TVHM. This is because you should have developed at least some sense of how the character plays and the skills build in.

you could also just start at level 1 in TVHM :smiley:

Well, I suppose you could - and that would work for some of the regulars here. Not sure I’d want the resulting forum posts/CS tickets about BL3 t0o h4rD though…

Yeah, because that’s what I want to do. I want to play the game with an even worse chance at getting the anoints that I want.