Able to skip tutorial part when playing with new character

I noticed that if you start TVHM, you’re given option to skip the tutorial part of the game and jump right into the action. I wish that if you create a new character, you’re given this option as well when you’ve already beaten the game and unlocked TVHM.

I’m sorry if this is duplicate topic since someone has already made this kind of post, quite new here :slight_smile:

If you have any DLC you can just start at level 13. I think it starts you on sanctuary, or the beginning area of the DLC.

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I wrote up the Boosted character experience in this thread, you get exactly what you’re describing;

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Yeah but people who don’t own any of the DLCs, like me. We’d still have to play through the tutorial part and can’t jump right into the action.

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Ah yeah, that’s kinda a shame. Why don’t you have any of the DLCs? I bought the lootchest edition so I’m just curious; If you play the game a lot to where you want to be able to start characters past the tutorial what’s stoppin ya from enjoying the extra content?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what’s meant by the “BL2 boosted character scheme,” but the bank and shared stash are both available in Claptrap’s cave in Windshear Wastes in Borderlands 2.

But not in NVHM, only in TVHM and UVHM. Boosteds in BL2 start you in NVHM and you have to dispense with the Warrior to get to TVHM of course.

So the ClapTrap stash is not available to Boosteds until you finish NVHM. Which means you can’t “pass down” weapons to your Boosted until after the Warrior.
Just adds a little time finding good guns to take out the Warrior, just a little pain.

Are you sure? It’s been a while since I started a boosted character and stayed in NVHM, but I certainly remember going and spending eridium to up my storage and ammo slots.

Oh yes. I checked.

The stash and the bank are only available in Claptrap’s Place in TVHM or UVHM.

I believe the thinking was that GB did not want a level 1 character to be able to load up on gear for the initial, tutorial-style run to Sanctuary.
And of course you have to interact with ClapTrap in Sanctuary to get the Stash activated anyway. And you cannot even do that activation with a Boosted character because ClapTrap is already in the Eridium Blight getting ready for the Gate fight before Hereo’s pass, so you cannot open the Sanctuary stash until you kill the Warrior also.

Having started 159 characters in Borderlands 2 I know…

No, I meant are you sure you can’t access the stash in Sanctuary on a boosted character in NVHM? Or did I completely misunderstand you there?

(I’ve always known about the stash/bank in Claptrap’s place on TVHM and higher - it was one of those pleasant surprises when all I really wanted to do was grab some extra loot before heading out towards Knuckledragger - ah loot. Wait! There’s a bank vault?!)

See previous. You have to do the Claptrap collect brown rocks mission to open the Stash.

Since you’re started with the Talon Of God mission started, Clappy has already gone to Eridium blight to help in that fight to open the gate, so you cannot get the mission to open the stash.

And even when you go to Eridium Blight and meet up with Clappy he does not have the mission available, and it does not activate once the gate is open. That mission only activates when Clappy is actually in Sanctuary.

Ah - got it.

Don’t have them for now since I simply don’t have the money for it. As simple as that. When I bought the game, I bought just the game I think when it was on sale on Epic Games.

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Time to open a lemonade stand :sunglasses:
Too bad you can’t gift DLCs.