Able vs Battlefront for my next batch of points

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I have an Axton around level 56/57 or so, and I’ve got the Gemini tree filled out, plus enough in the others to get to Longbow and the Rockets. Right now I’m looking at spreading points between Able and Battlefront and just wondered which one gives better mileage at this point. Is the regen on Able pretty good? I used to have regen on my Maya character and found it wasn’t bad for topping up between fights, but didn’t do a lot for me in combat. Is Axton’s better? Battlefront sounds like a no brainer with that spike in damage while the turrets are out, but I just wondered which is more helpful first.

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If you have a COM that will boost Able, but 1 point in it to reap the COM bonus and then alternate with Battlefront. Since it’s based as a % off your maximum health, it’s not bad. It also kicks in regardless of whether or not your turret is deployed.

See the comment about Battlefront here though:

If you’re not invested in Sentry, it’s not as good.

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Thanks @VaultHunter101…I do have some points in Sentry, so maybe I’ll just split the points for now like you say.

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I’ve taken Able in the past and when leveling up it’s still a good skill. Nowadays I skip it as I felt that the skill’s duration really hurt it. Regaining health while you damage an enemy is great but overall I’d rather kill them faster with the benefit of a maxed out Battlefield skill…

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My style really revolves around those turrets, which is why I was drawn to Battlefront at first. I switched to Gemini from Double Up mostly because I have Magic Missiles and a slag pistol that works wonders, and having two rocket volleys is killer. I find I barely notice the missing slag even when I overlook a few enemies…the turrets just pound them to dust.

I remember coming across debates over Onslaught vs Able in another forum. Which would you take between those two?

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Not sure to be honest. If you end up with Moxxi weaponry and you’re still running mobs, then you could move points to Onslaught from Able. For end-game raid bosses it’s only going to help if there are minions in the area you can get kills off, since it’s a kill skill. If you want to focus down the Gunpowder and Survival trees, not sure if it’s worth it. If you’re going back down Guerilla to regain Double-up though, it could be worth it.

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If I could only choose one or the other, Onslaught is way more fun, but I like running around the battlefield.

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Me too. I always end up missing movement speed skills when I spec out of them.

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Well my current Axton- Mike Irons- has 3 points in Onslaught and none in Able and he’s made it to OP8…