About +5 class mods, where to get them...?

Does someone know where to farm this +5 legendary class mods ? I farmed graveward for 2 weeks and best I found was a +4 and it dropped over 100+ class legendaries during my long farming sessions combined, never found a +5 so whats sup with thos ?

Do they even exist? Maybe if they increase the level cap one day to 60, but for now, I’ve never seen any either.

Classmods that give +1 to capstones turned out to be nonexistent as well.

They do, but only for skills that take 5 points to max out. For example, a Phasezerker can have +5 in Clarity. Skills that take 3 points, like Samsara, can only get boosted +3 by COMS, and 1 point skills like Illuminated Fist can only receive +1.

There’s no special place to find them, all COMs come with random point allocations and stat rolls. Legendary COMs will always add five skill points across the three possible skills boosted by that COM, or any combination of 2/3 skills, or 5 points in one skill.

You farmed Graveward for 2 whole weeks?

I think your time would have been better spent farming a real vegetable, in real life.

Then you’d at least have some food

I think you can get +5 in some 3 pointers, but not all of them. I have seen +5 to Desperate Measures and TMDG.

Do you have screenshots? I’d like to see this.

I love this game, I’m still learning new ■■■■ about it.

I wonder if you can get a Bloodletter with +5 in Thin Red Line?

+5 The Most Dangerous Game

+5 Desperate Measures

Yeah, I’m really hoping there can be +5 Big Game on the Cosmic Stalker. Though I highly doubt so.


The fact that both cases also show perfect stat rolls and the artifact in the video also has the perfect complimentary rolls makes me suspicious these are hacked. Did you actually see that drop or just getting it from somewhere else?


Well that’s definitely a possibility.

there are two ways here, one the +5 class mods drop with fixed perfect stats all the time or two the class mod is hacked, because I saw that same stats exactly same stats on other class mods posted on discord trading channel…

While I haven’t yet gotten a legendary COM with a +5 to any skill, I am certain that it’s possible to get them, they are just ridiculously rare. Hell, in the roughly 160 hours I have spent in this game I remember finding a total of 2 class mods with a +5 in any skill period (one for Amara with +5 in One with Nature and one for Fl4k with +5 for Go for the Eyes).

But there seem to be some class mods that are made in a way that they always have multiple skills on them. I have yet to see most of the mods that boost 1-point-wonders come without them. So there might be that some class mods are locked into certain skills, but I’m not sure.

if you remember which boss or map you found the +5 class mods ? Might be a boss related item only or idk

I can remember that I got the mod with +5 to One with Nature from Tyreen while leveling. I don’t think that those class mods are tied to any specific enemy. Just farm any enemy that you are comfortable with.

My guess is that those class mods are so rare due to the way they are spawned. Depending on how it works it’s very possible the we are looking at a chance of under 1% when getting a purple class mod to get one with just 1 skill on it.

If for example the spawn goes down this route “rarity -> item category -> category: class mod -> character -> class mod variation -> amount of skills boosted -> choice of skills boosted (if that isn’t somehow fixed for some class mods) -> distribution of skill points -> secondary modifiers” then we’re looking at probably over 500 different versions of class mods per character, even assuming that we get a purple one for the right character.

And even after all those variables are checked off we basically still have maybe a 1 in 30 chance to get a class mod with a +5 in any skill. And even that is assuming that those are evenly weighted, which I don’t believe or otherwise I should have seen many more as I have farmed bosses since day one and look at all purple class mods that drop as I play (and always wanted to play) all characters.

I could imagine that Gearbox made the +5 class mods so rare to prevent them from becoming the default best class mods. And honestly, I get that. Some skills become so much more powerful by just doubling the amount of effective skill points, that it could warp a character. So it might not have been a bad move to make sure we can’t find those class mods too easily. Heck, even some +4 class mods are extremely rare already. My Amara was level 50 when she could finally replace her level 10 class mod that boosted +1 Illuminated Fist and +4 One with Nature as I for the love of God couldn’t find a replacement with the same skills.

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I can’t remember exactly where I got it but I have a Bloodletter com with +5 Phalanx Doctrine. It’s the only +5 com I’ve seen.

Narfleks theorising seems like a very plausible reason that they’re so rare.

Just now got the drop