About "ASE elemental damage/magazines"

Does this ever not work correctly with any characters? Like say, ASE bonus shock damage, on a shock weapon, or on a Amara with Infusion of shock? Or is it literally just extra damage of that element type no matter what?

Extra damage of that type no matter what.

Unless you have two of the same damage stacked on grenade and shield…

So if I have an ASE shock anointment on my shield, it will add extra shock damage to, say, a brainstormer?

Yes. But if you have two instances of +50% shock (grenade and shield) they won’t stack.

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I knew two identical anointments wouldn’t stack. Didn’t know they would overlay on a similar elemental weapon though . Thanks.

They will, it’s just not advisable. You’re better off stacking an element you don’t already have, thus increasing the versatility of your elemental damage output. For example, with Brainstormer, radiation and corrosion is preferred for a Fl4k build often.

Yeah, That is what I usually do, elementally. But I could see that in certain circumstances it may be more beneficial. For example, with Gravy I could now use a fire weapon with bonus fire damage on ASE.

I usually run Rad and cryo on my shield and grenade.