About BL3 content creators

Does anybody on the BL3 YouTube community have been critical or at least vocal about the playerbase’s concerns about the game? Even on Twitter as GB seems to choose that platform for announcements and whatnot.

Critical in the sense of being able to give constructive feedback in a calm manner on the current state of the game. I’ve read that some prominent channels are benefiting from their relationship with GB either by getting paid or simply receiving items and that’s no problem for me as they gotta make money somehow. (Not saying that is 100% true and all of them are kissing ass for GB)

So has anyone that GB will probably listen to been able to give the “tough love” it needs?


Most people take weird pride in beating content with extremely exclusive gear and those people will claim that takedown is proper, most of those would be content creators who constant get sent all kinds of gear. Fake sense of accomplishment often fogs the judgement of the rational people. Gbx is one of the games where gear is mistaken for skill and slight exploiting as well. I would not hope for such critique from the community you mention.


Yea having ready access to basically any piece of gear you want without one of the main frustrations in the game currently (the horrendous drop rates/chances) really cuts out a lot of the middle man in the obnoxious part of this game. The “everyman/average joe” experience so to speak on BL3 is horrendous IMHO. Playing on console only furthers this as you don’t have the ability to swap save files or efficient farming methods like read only in certain situations that are extremely beneficial :confused:


I see. With the recent update, maybe Gearbox is trying to shift BL3 to a more skill-based game instead of “have an OP gun and one-shot everything”. Read somewhere that the new takedown has similarities to Destiny’s puzzle thingy or even Mario for Christ’s sake

There is very little skill in borderlands and it is called hitting crits or sweet spots


They are trying to get people to watch and make money and want people to go back and watch older stuff if needed. Money, money, money money. Money.

A lot of the top content creators straight up get the top gear with exact specs sent to them, so while someone like Joltz has OCD levels of farming capabilities , when they need something BAM it can get sent to them in an hour . Psychologically, this alone separates them from the every day joe player (i.e us)

Plus they make money by making videos showing the meta build of the day and that’s basically it. Not sure if they care about build variety etc

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Gearbox has just screwed the pooch and has made a breeding ground where people are openly lashing out due to frustrations they have created themselves with no signs pointing toward this being remedied in a reasonable amount of time tbh as they have proven time and time again how glacially they move, if they move at all. Everyone waited over an entire month for some mayhem 2.0 weapon buffs/updates and they basically did squat. Obviously streamers/content creators are just easy targets so people can vent, I wouldn’t take it personally.

Regardless I’m not going to reply to dozens of threads on this forum, then ignore this one.

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I played thourgh the new takedown last night. THe puzzle jumping aspect of the game isn’t really that bad. There are 2 or three parts where you have to jump on to moving platforms that turn invisible at times(you can still stand on them). I just kill all the enemies in the area then do the jumping. IMO that’s the least of the offenses in the new takedown.

I mean I appreciate you appreciating my response, but like I said I am constantly talking about balance of this game with my community. And I have criticized this game on the forums multiple times before.

Astounding how noone figured out who the real big bad in this game is.


I agree with this 100%!

The rest of what I have to say is NOT directed at you @flightx3aa :grin:

My personal view/opinion based on what I see posted on these forums is that the Borderlands community has turned into a bunch of scrubs. In BL2 ppl used to run by raid boss arenas to trigger 4P difficulty scaling to increase the challenge. In the current version of BL3 we have slider.

Look, there is no perfectly balanced game that works for everybody because one person’s favorite thing is another person’s PITA. BL3 tried to address this reality by having 10 mayhem levels so ppl of all ability levels can play at a level of difficulty that is right for them. And what was their response? Salty tears :sob:!

Every once in a while someone will post decent objective criticism but that’s rear; it’s mostly whining, and when they get what they asked for they whine some more and act like GBX didn’t do it right or didn’t do enough. I wish GBX would focus exclusively on fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and making new content and stop trying to balance the highest difficulty modes for the scrub tier. I think developers should make the game they want to make and not what players want because player want is too nebulous a target. In my book the developer makes their game and I as the player figure out how to beat and/or dominate it. To my mind that’s always been the contract of gaming. But nowadays we have a bunch of no talent know-it-all but can’t develop a paper plane players telling developers how their game should be.

Fortunately for me, BL3 is just a game, and one of many at that so if GBX continues dialing down difficulty to please the scrubs and makes BL3 as challenging as Solitaire it doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll play through the remaining DLC because they have all been entertaining thus far and that will be enough for me.


Hey thanks for the detailed reply. I asked the question simply because of what I’ve seen on an another looter-shooter that you could say, is also having a rough time with its recent updates and patches. But in that community, there exists content creators that were at first very positive with the content they are producing. Then gradually became critical and frustrated with the state of the game as time passed, even as to say that the developer of the game doesn’t care anymore or just doesn’t know how to balance the game they’ve created. You could go to the Youtubes and type (Game Name) + drama and would get ton of channels cashing in on the current drama.

I’m just wondering if someone on the community has made a statement regarding what’s wrong with the game. I do believe you and other content creators relay feedback to the developers thus not making it necessary to make a video criticizing Gearbox.

As for the new takedown, I have yet to experience how broken (as other players have called it) it is as I haven’t decided yet to partake in it. So I understand with the reasoning that new takedowns are supposed to be hard.

TBH is liked the platforming involved in this game especially when collecting Typhon’s Log and collecting red chests. I can’t really comment for the new takedown as I haven’t played it. Probably gonna wait a week or two before I’d test the waters

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I mean this was what recently happened in this game with Mayhem 2.0. And I did make a video detailing everything wrong with it. I even put ava in the thumbnail =)

I actually enjoy playing BL with groups and not just solo as such you do. You cut out the bunch of ‘scrubs’ as you say it, then you have no player base and you have a small pool to play with. There is a difference between making something hard and challenging vs just boring.

How long does it take to die in M10? Just as long as M0. Which consumes more ammo? Where is the risk? Where is the x2 projectiles? It is not hard, it IS boring.

Why can I use an M10 infinity pistol with 200% dmg and tickle an enemy and I can use a Hellshock and melt it?

Phase 1 was gear balance(GBX said so),… what a joke.


I see. So that answers my question, thanks. I only go to Youtube for builds and guides specifically.

Lol. Ava’s good with me cause I can see a redemption arc happen sometime in the future, but I get why people hate her

I don’t think they should be cut but I do think ppl need to adjust their expectations about what difficulty is. I know I keep referring to this data point but I think it’s instructive because it’s math and the logic of math is not subject to opinion. GBX nerfed Maliwan Takedown and the completion rates for the takedown, despite the nerf, DID NOT IMPROVE!!! So ppl got what they asked for and they still couldn’t do it.

The fundamental point I’m making is that for the hardest content at the highest difficulty level keep it hard. That’s all I’m saying. If 95% of the community can’t do it that should be okay because they are NOT locked out of the actual content.

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I wish GBX would focus exclusively on fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and making new content

This, I definitely agree. But in the Borderlands series, new content almost always comes with new difficulty. Which sometimes can screw with the balance of the game.

stop trying to balance the highest difficulty modes for the scrub tier.

So keep the current state of the new takedown then?