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I mean this was what recently happened in this game with Mayhem 2.0. And I did make a video detailing everything wrong with it. I even put ava in the thumbnail =)

I actually enjoy playing BL with groups and not just solo as such you do. You cut out the bunch of ‘scrubs’ as you say it, then you have no player base and you have a small pool to play with. There is a difference between making something hard and challenging vs just boring.

How long does it take to die in M10? Just as long as M0. Which consumes more ammo? Where is the risk? Where is the x2 projectiles? It is not hard, it IS boring.

Why can I use an M10 infinity pistol with 200% dmg and tickle an enemy and I can use a Hellshock and melt it?

Phase 1 was gear balance(GBX said so),… what a joke.


I see. So that answers my question, thanks. I only go to Youtube for builds and guides specifically.

Lol. Ava’s good with me cause I can see a redemption arc happen sometime in the future, but I get why people hate her

I don’t think they should be cut but I do think ppl need to adjust their expectations about what difficulty is. I know I keep referring to this data point but I think it’s instructive because it’s math and the logic of math is not subject to opinion. GBX nerfed Maliwan Takedown and the completion rates for the takedown, despite the nerf, DID NOT IMPROVE!!! So ppl got what they asked for and they still couldn’t do it.

The fundamental point I’m making is that for the hardest content at the highest difficulty level keep it hard. That’s all I’m saying. If 95% of the community can’t do it that should be okay because they are NOT locked out of the actual content.

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I wish GBX would focus exclusively on fixing bugs, optimizing performance, and making new content

This, I definitely agree. But in the Borderlands series, new content almost always comes with new difficulty. Which sometimes can screw with the balance of the game.

stop trying to balance the highest difficulty modes for the scrub tier.

So keep the current state of the new takedown then?

Yep! :partying_face: And I’m not being glib.

One of consideration that occurs to me is that the game isn’t done. We have more skill points, more gear, more anointments, etc coming in the future and it would be nice that as the player progresses the content that came before the game’s final form isn’t a joke. For example, at this point in the game’s life cycle the story, from a challenge perspective, is a complete joke. So by nerfing the new raid now it’s going to be a joke by the time the game achieves its final form, in the same way that Maliwan Takedown is now a joke.

That is way better than generalizing people as scrubs when only some are making comments of the new takedown. I am one who could honestly care less for what they do to it and will run it either way. My complaints stem from patches breaking things or further separating the distance between viable gear. It is just,… boring now.


I would like to know what difficulty is based on your opinion. I watched someone do the raid and they moved in a circle while holding the shoot button. I did the same thing but ran out of ammo cause I did not have the right build. The only difference between me and the video I watched was a gear check and that does not fall under “difficult” for me.

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patches breaking things or further separating the distance between viable gear

Mine too. If new contents gonna be hard, so be it. But please Gearbox, stats and numbers on the item card should at least reflect with its in-game performance.

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That’s where we differ because I do think a “gear check” is part of the difficulty because this game is an RPG shooter/looter so gear should matter. That said, it’s certainly reasonable to complain that not enough gear works (though I may not agree with the complaint :grin:) but that’s not a reason to nerf the raid, it’s instead a reason to maybe buff and/or add better gear.

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Since that is part of the difficulty for you what is your stance on the mail system/trading cause those seem to be rather popular ways of getting and distributing gear. It seems crazy that you could count it part of the difficulty when that portion of it can be eliminated completely by a simple trade.

Good point.

Maybe Gearbox is just trying appease everyone so we’d stay until the end. By giving what the majority wants. It’d be risky to ignore and not do something now and lose a percentage of the playerbase that would be 50/50 on giving the game a shot again

The use of the word scrub is a reaction to and frustration from ppl saying things like, it can’t be done. Because that’s not true given that it’s been done. So to my ear it is code for, I can’t do it, or I can’t do it easily. So because they are hiding and not being honest I reacted with a word that’s more honest to me but not particularly uplifting.

If I’m being TOTALLY honest I wouldn’t mind losing them for the time being, at least on the forums! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m trying to live a low sodium lifestyle and having the forums be a place for constructive dialog w/o the salt and whining would be nice. :grin:

Please note that I said, “for the time being” because I believe they would come back as new content is released. As a matter of fact the journey of BL3 makes me think of BL2 because a lot of ppl remember BL2 with rose colored glasses because they consumed it in its final form. My worry though is if BL3 reaches it’s final form while continuing to nerf for the present moment then there won’t be any real end game or longevity because all the content will be about as challenging as playing though the story after getting your first legendary.

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Well apparently dying repeatedly in a video game can sometimes get the best out of a person. Even the rational ones. It’s not good to let them emotions write the 5th thread about how spongy enemies are. But a man’s gotta find a way to vent and I don’t blame them for that :joy:

I don’t understand how you cannot apply that same logic to OP weapons and gear. There is not 1 right way so if people enjoy it and want to there should be weapons and gear that make the game trivial (even the hardest content). If you don’t like that beat the game with different gear, there are a billion ways to self nerf and make a challenge for yourself.

My position on this has evolved. In the VERY early days of the game (e.g., pre mayhem 1.5, etc) I was against OP weapons because I was concerned about the trivialization of content, which btw, is still my primary concern. Also, back then, I was less inclusive in my thinking. But now that there is legit difficult content I don’t have a problem with it because, thanks to my more inclusive way of thinking, they are a tool for ppl with less time and/or ability to experience the content, though not necessarily on the hardest difficulty. That said, that doesn’t mean I’m against GBX nerfing guns. Like I said in my original comment on this topic I think developers should be free to make the game they want to make so if they want to nerf something then so be it.

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Cool thanks for your opinion on the matter, I have no control over what GBX does but it is nice to see the community like minded on some topics.

I was just getting at if gear is a worry about difficulty how does trading not do the same since in your opinion they are both apart of difficulty but if your good with both I have no issues.

Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not an appropriate topic for discussion on this forum.

Please read the FORUM RULES

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