About Boldurs Woodsworn Lore and an All Eldrid Team

I just want everyone to know this; And all Eldrid Team is pretty amazing.

Two Tanks, both extremely hard to kill when played well. Two supports which include the best healer of the game and arguably one of the best Controllers in the game. An amazing Wave clearer and “sniper”, and last but not least, the most annoying assassin in the game. Even worse than Caldarius since most know how to play her. Man I just do not know how to kill a Mellka.
Take your pick! Help people with their Woodsworn lore!
Or go into the story mode and roll with 5 Boldurs. Why not.

This Lore is still pretty poop if you don’t have a premade

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Yeah this game punishes loners. Don’t have any friends that play Battleborn? No Boldur legendary for you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s pretty rare to run into a team that’s willing to pick an all Eldrid team. And when you mainly play PvP, only one person can get the lore, and then the team is disbanded!

In a Normal Story queue, during mission select, I asked my group if they would mind playing a full Eldrid team and they did! That’s how I snagged mine! No premade! :slight_smile:

[quote=“reliikki, post:1, topic:1489660, full:true”] Man I just do not know how to kill a Mellka.

Ah do I have an advice for you then !
Hit her until her HP are down to 0 ! Then she will die !

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“Man I just do not know how to kill a Mellka.”

Sorry, foreign device, couldn’t “quote”

Anyway, Phoebe. I had this problem for a long time, she’s just so bouncy! The epitome of irritation. If you’re any good with melee characters, Mellka suffers from being slowed and repeatedly stabbed while you dance around her with True Strike. Check mate Mellka.

As for the topic, yes Eldrid teams are AWESOME! They’re such a versatile faction, personally I only like playing one (Thorn) but I love having Eldrid on my team and absolutely hate having to fight against them.