About bonus damage anointments

Like the “next 2 mags get cold damage” or 100% damage while SNTNL is active…can the damage inflict a status effect, or just solely damage?

“Cold damage”… as in cryo? - no; cryo has no DOT but can inflict freeze

Ok, good to know. Wonder what its effeicency is.

These type of annointments in general do inflict “damage over time(dot)” status damage as well as direct damage.

However, Cryo(cold) damage is unique from other elements in that it doesn’t have a dot component, but instead has an “efficiency” which determined the rate and speed that something can potentially become “frozen”.

Not sure about the particular efficiency you referring to but generally that is stated on the item card.

The question is if you have, let’s say a Jakobs Shotgun with the Sntl Cryo Anointment, or bonuses cryo on mag, what is the efficiency of that cryo damage.

I could in theory try to test this tonight. I’ve got an idea for testing it.


Oh, well, in that case, I went a little to thorough explaining the wrong thing then.