About Boss drops-solely from them no matter what?

I was under the impression that while certain items have a higher weighting towards dropping from certain bosses, but that they can still drop anywhere, is that the case for all legendaries, or, barring the new M4 stuff, there certain items that always only dropped from certain bosses no matter what.

For the most part. There are legendaries like the Skeksil or Bekah that will only drop for their assigned source, and are not world drops. There are only a handful of those though. Most are in the world drop pool as well.

There’s items that can drop from anywhere but have a higher chance from their assigned source but there are some that can only world drop without having anywhere else but there’s also a selection of items that can only drop from one specific source. For instance, the Kings/Queens Call can only drop from Tyreen, the Smart Gun XXL can only drop from Gigamind and only Graveward can drop the grave artifact and the ward shield. The M4 items also belong in the latter category, they can only drop from a specific source and only on Mayhem 4.

Good point. I picked up a Skeksil the other day. I approve of it. My other problem is I’m such a damn hoarder I’m about to run out of my 300 bank space. I probably should just start giving away some of the stuff I have no use for.

I am really enjoying the Skeksil. I changed my entire build to work around it after picking up a couple