About bulk selling gear

I remember someone on the old forum starting a thread over how they missed the red x to bulk sell from bl2, cause hed use it and star to sort his loot into keep, maybe keep, and sell.

Now i personally could care less. It takes me thirty seconds to sort through loot and i wouldnt care if they simply left it how it is now. but for those who do like to obsess over their gear i thought of a simple and effective solution. keep the ability to just press a button and sell anything unmarked at a vendor, therefor keeping the convience of the current system. And then simply have different colored stars.

Two would probably be fine but three would pretty much seal the deal. Then simply use different colors to signify whatever you intend to do with them, and anything starred just wont be sold, like it works now

Not sure what you are saying.

There is a favorite marker.

There is a sell all non-favorite button on VMs.

So not sure what you see as missing.

I have no idea what you just said

the vendor system in the pre sequel is better

dang i thought id been pretty straight forward with that haha though i suppose its easier for me tell what i meant cause i wrote it lol

Well here goes again.

In bl2 you had a gold star and a red x. some people liked that it allowed them to sort their loot into different categories, depending on what they planned to do with said. However, this system added no convenience and so people who just wanted to quickly and efficiently sell their loot (like me) just comepletely skipped over it

Now in tps they dropped the unnescessary red x and simply allow you to sell all unstarred loot with a button press. Much more efficient system, but i remember a thread on the old forum where people said they wanted the red x back, which people who like the new system did not want.

So what i propose is a best of both worlds.

Keep the very quick and simple sell all feature that is present in tps, but instead of just a gold star you could have a gold, A green, and a blue star. They would all function exactly the same - putting it on a piece of gear would bar it from the sell all feature. The only reason for the different colors would be so that people who liked to organize could use them to color code the gear into differeng groups depending on what theyre gonna do with it.

As i said, i dont care and wouldnt use it in that manor. But if people like it, and it can be addressed in such a simple manor, i say why not

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If those designators could be assigned a purpose such as say a quick load for weapons … I could go for that.

Otherwise it is just a bunch of marks that are pretty useless other than just being marks.

i actually do have an idea for quick swapping weapons… and now that you mention that i can see how they could be worked in there. But i doubt that’ll happen.

The point of my suggestIon though was simply to please fans of both systems, not add a bunch of depth or anything. Somepeople like having the extra marks and if theyre in there and you dont want to use them, then dont. People who like the efficiency arent affected by the extra stars, but not having them there does affect the people who like to organize their things

Oh, yeah, none of this is going to happen … I thought we were just pie-in-the-sky talking.

TPS makes me paranoid that I accidentally sell gear I’d like to keep. And still does 4/5 months later.

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I always check the sell slot afterwards to make absolutely sure there wasnt something i wanted. Caught some big mistakes that way haha like almost selling the first maggie i found.

I totally think that if you star an item you shouldnt even be able to sell it, you’d have to unstar it first.

And yah rcole this is def all just hyppthetical, but i legitimately think that they could use my suggestion for the system as its just tweaking a bit, not adding in whole different mechanics and everything

Most people who have wanted the red x back want to differentiate between favorites, sellers, and grinders. Just like OP levels though, the most common response on the forums was “**** you and your options, it works for me so it doesn’t need changing.”

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Yah people could be kinda hostile towards those who want more organization, although most of them were more protesting the return of the system in bl2 than anything.

I just remembered that thread though, and thought “well can you have both” and lo and behold it took me like a minute to come up with the idea haha

The old system was opt-in. I had to actively select and choose which items would be bulk sold. With the old system I could pick up three guns, march to a vendor and press the bulk sell button as much as I want, nothing would get sold.

The new system is opt-out. I have to actively select and choose each item I do not want to bulk sell. Again I pick up my three guns, then I have to star each of them or when I march to the vendor they get the default-sell-bulk.

That’s a very big change and big difference to the old behavior. And I admit I never got used to the new system.
In BL2 I used to pick up weapons mostly to use them, just the white trash I picked to sell got the trash mark. Once I replaced a gun, I would set the old as trash and leave the new be as long as I do not outlevel it. I used the favorite mark like never.

With the new system I have to star every gun I want to use, then when I outlevel it I have to unstar it. If I dare to forget to favorite a gun I want to use for a few level I am always in risk to bulk sell it.

As I am lazy and do not want to star-mark every gun for a few level, I never use bulk-sell in TPS and instead sell the guns one by one. I am not really bothered by it. But for sure I do not see this as a change to the better.

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Agree with SteVe. I never use the new system because even one unintentional sell would overshadow the potential convenience. Also, I use the ‘favorite’ button for another purpose entirely, so there’s no way for me to utilize the new system even if I wanted to.

The OPs colored star method would probably work for me though. Maybe someone will consider this or some other improvement for BL3.

Same here. I never intentionally press the bulk-sell button. I guarantee that sooner or later, it will cause irreversible damage to your backpack, regardless of how much care you put into starring your loot to keep.

I like the way it works right now I just favourite what I want to keep then hit delete in the vendor and the other junk goes it was crap in bl2 because you had to mark crap you didnt want with an X I just clicked them couldnt be bothered with that

I use the sell all, but I also back up my save files (once a day or after a big milestone), so I can almost always get any “good” weapon back … and have them for future characters are various levels.

I do check the sold items after doing the sell all. Yes, I have had to get a few back.

if you dont use the sell all feature it honestly isnt much different from the bl2 system, because the truth is, it didnt save you anytime at all.

In bl2 in order to use the bulk sell you had to open your menu, go through each piece of gear and select each one with the x. Now why would you do that when you could just use your down time at the next vendor to do the same thing- go through each piece of gear and just sell it, instead of putting an x on it.

Now in tps if you have gear you want to hold on to you do still have to enter the menu. However, there are three key advantages to the system now. A) there are going to be a lot less weapons that you wish to keep than those you wish to sell meaning, obviously, less selections to make. B) you only have to star a weapon once. with the bl2 system everytime you got gear, if you wanted to bulk sell you had to enter the menu and select all the weapons you wanted to get rid of. C) if you didnt pick up any weapons worth keeping since your last vendor visit, well happy day, you go to a vendor press one button and youre done.

As for you cobra, what you suggest is a falacy. You posit that every single person who uses the system will inevitably make a mistake and sell something they did not wish to.

The truth is, that is a possibility (and only a possibility, not a guarantee) in both systems… if you are careless. Before i back out i always do one quick scroll through the sell list, which takes about a second, and i check for any gear i may have forgot to star. I DO NOT leave that vender until ive looked one last time.
Now if you are selling each piece individually the likely hood of you accidently selling a legendary item is next to nothing. But if you are just spamming the confirmation button, selling everything cause you wanna get out of there it is possible to unintentionally sell some blue or purple you would otherwise have liked to keep.

Now i doubt you were being truelly serious with that statement, but my point remains. if you are careful and take precautions you can use both methods with confidence (well maybe not confidence but whatever, this post is already long enough haha)

The elegance of the TPS system is twofold:
a) you don’t have to mark to sell
b) you don’t have to toggle 3 states (keep, sell, null). In TPS you only have keep or sell.

I prefer the TPS system, even though I have had a couple close calls. Most of them stem from how you can sort/filter the sell page. Also, if you sell enough it starts to not show you all the things you sold. And finally I’d like to be able to star something for keep in the sell window (which would buy it back too).

Honestly though I think the bigger issue is the gear page in general. I think that we need to be able to see a bigger picture sometimes. For example, the way it’s handled in Destiny is actually pretty good. Easier to see your gear at a glance. Diablo 3’s system isn’t bad either. It also means we could handle storing more gear more easily. Part of the reason they decide to keep our backpack smaller is because they think we’ll get overwhelmed if we can store too many items.

What Id like to see is all our backpack items in a big grid. Moving the pads or tapping certain buttons would highlight certain gear. For example. Holding the dPad up would show you shields. Down for relics. Right for grenades. Left for weapons. Or maybe even base it on what your normal controls are. Shooting shows only weapons. Grenade button only shows grenades. One of the sticks could filter things by element type.

And this is why i think it does not work for me. I tend to keep more than I sell. I usually sell very little. My inventory is filled with items I use and swap in/out as I progress.

So in the old system when I replaced a gun with a better one, I just had to mark the old trash, then at the next vendor I hit sell all, done.
With the new system I would have to star most of all items, then when I do replace a gun, unstar the old, then star the new one. Just to get the same result, be able to bulk sell my old trash at the next vendor.

So ultimately do not what you propose for the old system, at the vendor I go throw my inventory and sell the old stuff. Why I preferred the mark it junk when getting a new gun: At that point I already had the gun in access, just another click to mark it trash before replacing it with a new one.

It’s no biggie, just saying people use the game in different ways. And that’s why some people prefer the old system and others the new.

do you like pass right over most gear or something?