About Cross-Saves, Is this Confirmed?

Hello again guys, I have a question about cross-saves!

(Sorry Admins in advance, if this is not allowed to ask about)

I really wanna go for the Plat on PS4, and was wondering if I use cross-save on a char with all the needed Badass Challenges completed, will it give me the trophy when I use it?

I really do not want to redo this, because this is the hardest part about the Plat :s

Thanks for answers, and again, sorry Admins if not allowed to ask about :d

Are you asking if you just load up a character you’ve already built up on your previous version of the game?

Yes, I have a char with the needed Badass Challanges completed on a former gen console. And if I transfer it to my nex gen console, andenter the game with it, will I be getting the trophy?

That is in no way violating any rule, no need to apologize mate! It is just reaping your hard work. I’m not certain if it unlocks the challenge trophy, as I was prestiged when I made the switch, but i’m certain some one may know. As many made the switch. I’ll try and check for you tomorrow.

Worry not though, you’re not breaking any rules.

Awesome, thanks!

Since this can be exploited, I thought maybe it was a rule against it :s

Cross-save from PS3 to PS4 (with Vita in the mix too) is a feature.

Yeah, I know.

What I mean is;

If you let me cross-save one of your chars, that would be exploiting the feature, right?

And that’s why I thought it was a “no-no” to talk about, like duping. (Which I still dont know why they haven’t fixed in years.)

That wouldn’t work without violating console terms of use, so that would indeed be a no-no for discussion here.


I’m asking if it would work on my own char tho

That I don’t know, but I’m guessing probably not. One way to find out though!