About dubbing into Spanish

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I think it’s not new for developers the differences between Spanish from Spain and from Latin America. There are companies that even double the game twice, once for each community.

We Spaniards do not like the accent and the Latin idioms. And Latinos do not like Spanish accents and idioms. Both positions are respectable.

I recently played “Fight for Sanctuary” and would like to complain about the bad dubbing of Mordecai’s character and my fear that this will happen again in Borderlands 3. The character of Mordecai, in his Spanish version of Spain, uses words like " pendejo ", which are typical of latam but sound unnatural in the Spanish of Spain.

I blame this on the dubbing team, probably Gearbox entrusted them with the dubbing job, trusting in a professionalism that they have not fulfilled. I would like that from Gearbox to contact the dubbing team in Spanish and make sure that things like this do not happen again. I have faith that Borderlans 3 comes well folded using idioms from my country and not from abroad. There is a lot of sensitivity with the subject of dubbing and this kind of thing hurts more than one can imagine.

A greeting.

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Creo que no es nuevo para las desarrolladores las diferencias entre español de españa y de latam (latinoamerica). Hay compañías que incluso doblan el juego dos veces, una para cada comunidad.

A los españoles no nos gusta el acento y los modismos latinos. Y a los latinos no les gusta el acento y los modismos españoles. Ambas posturas son respetables.

He jugado recientemente “Fight for Sanctuary” y quisiera poner una queja por el mal doblaje del personaje de Mordecai y mi temor a que esto vuelva a repetirse en Borderlands 3. El personaje de Mordecai, en su versión Español de España, usa palabras como “pendejo”, que son propias de latam pero suenan de forma antinatural en el español de españa.

Culpo de esto al equipo de doblaje, probablemente Gearbox les encargó el trabajo de doblaje confiando en una profesionalidad que no han cumplido. Me gustaría que desde Gearbox contacten con el equipo de doblaje al español y se aseguren de que cosas como éstas no vuelvan a ocurrir. Tengo fe en que Borderlans 3 venga bien doblado usando modismos de mi país y no del extranjero. Hay mucha sensibilidad con el tema de los doblajes y este tipo de cosas duelen más de lo que uno pueda imaginarse.

Un saludo.

He says pendejo because that’s what he says in the english dub :stuck_out_tongue:

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Then it is a word from the original version. I’m glad to hear that. I withdraw my complaint then.

Entonces es una palabra de la versión original. Me alegra oir eso. Retiro mi queja entonces.

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Mordecai uses some spanish and mexican words and slangs pretty much as his own, personal vocabulary. He as a character never really seems to represent any specific demographic. It’s just his own vocabulary. It sometimes seems to be intentionally badly pronounced, even.

While on that topic, I’m curious: How does Salvador sound in the Spanish dub? At least in the german dub he uses a pseudo-spanish dialect that sounds forced as hell, but fits the character. How is he in the spanish dub for a native spanish-speaking person?