About El dragón

Guys el dragón needs to be buffed. Like now.

haven’t played him yet, but he seemed really good.

If you build him just right and can use him well can become incredibly overpowered.

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Watched StealthShampoo play him a while ago and seemed fine. Not sure I will play melee at all, but if I did, I’d want to give him a try. Great theme.

Watching StealthShampoo play any character is going to make them seem amazing though.

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I know, right?

Dragon is a Very strong melee with a great escape…I dont think he needs any buffs honestly.

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I think he needs more Health, for such a big target, i’d assume he would have more. You lose quite a chunk trying to get to your foes, and even if you don’t, your health still drops incredibly fast during the fight. That being said, when you unlock El Fuego (?), he becomes much more powerful, so I guess it’s just a race to level 5. Or he feels that way to me.

I know that this is sarcasm.

El Dragon is one of the strongest characters in the game right now. If anything his, (sprint) speed, attack damage, or attack speed needs to be lowered. I fear a good El Dragon player more than a good Rath player now.


Yea it sounds like most people are maybe trying to play him like a bruiser. Yes he is big but hes also fast, head 2 head he can take anyone outside of Galilea (for obvious reasons) and S&Aurox might give him some issues with their stealth and mitigation.

If theres more than 1 character I usually ambush with Splash to debuff them, pop Fuego and go to work. He just might have the largest Melee burst potential in the game. If you get in trouble? Clothesline run and start over.

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My only issue with El dragon right now is how easy he is to shut down. If he goes into a fight with anything less than full health and shield all you can really accomplish is a few slaps before needing to bail, with a lengthy recovery period afterwards. Once he hits level 7? And gets his recovery skill the impact lessens. He’s essentially just another assassin but unlike actual assassin’s he has very little to ensure a kill until extremely late levels, and even then he continues to be a big target. Playing Overgrowth with him feels futile once you press up to an enemy sentry as it feels like he has little to contribute in a defensive assault.

Overall I think he’s an awesome character, but could use some more playtesting. A lot of his helix effects are either great or terrible (double clothesline?)

He’s got some of the best attack damage in the game rn though, so the low health kinda makes up for it

Nope. :slight_smile:

Trust me. He’s good. If anything, maybe a tad too high damage late game.

Early game, he’s a bit slow. You won’t get player kills early game. Don’t try to do that. Try to get to level 3 ASAP. At level 3, take the Right Helix choice (adds short range AOE to your Left Trigger clap attack). After that, clap to win.

The big trick with characters like El Dragon is don’t fight until you die. Fight until you’re half-health or so, then use Clothesline to run out of the fight. You are ridiculously fast. Run out. Shield up. Heal if you can. Then Ground Slam back into the fight.

Run some attack damage and attack speed gear and you’re golden.


In my opinion he does need a slight nerf to his normal attack damage early game and late game as i can pretty much 1v1 any character with him. I think i have around 35 games with him now and have never lost due to his late game being so good. I would first take a look at his flat ult damage as it’s already really good even without the initial 500 damage maybe tone it down to around 300? not sure if it’s intended that he’s able to 1v5 when they are grouped together. Run in with the knockup on clothesline and pop your ult for a free 700 damage with the right gear then stun the healer or whoever has the most health and clap your way to victory.

He does some of the highest damage in the game along with some of the best mobility. Could you maybe pass this along to your team because i feel he’s just to good at the moment. Just for clarity he shouldn’t be able to kill an Ambra and Galilea then jump out of combat only to come back and finish wiping the team with out healing. If you do take the time to read this thank you very much as i am very much looking forward to this game and would like it to be as balanced as possible before launch.

Yea…youre likely not going to kill a well specced Galilea outside of Fuego, one shield stun and its GG. And in a 1v2 your likely not going to kill her period if shes with Support…id also be Very suprised if Fuego really hits for 500? Mars site says 175 or something, im pretty sure the initial blast isnt THAT strong…unless opponent is playing double dutch on “Ring of Fire”.

With that said he is very powerful burst wise, but he has to play smart as he does die easily without escape.

In game it says 500 and it certainly feels like it when i halfway kill a Squishy with just the ult pop. As for your Galilea question if i go in with the clothesline first with the knockup then pop the ult it basically kills them with just that and did i mention it also knocks them up? I build him tanky as his damage is already insane and with the right helix skills he has really good sustain and a free full shield with his stun in Fuego.

Please use him a few times in a match and tell me En Fuego is not broken. Like i said i haven’t lost a match yet with him and i mainly duo cue with my brother or just go solo. If i’m top player 99% of the matches i play with him it’s either I’m just really good or he’s just a unbalanced at the moment.

It’s cool to see one of you guys suggesting strategies about the game.

The more I play him the more I think he’s in a pretty good place, but I still worry he isn’t a great pick against skilled opponents because he’s just so easy to shut down. We’ll see how it goes I suppose. He desperately needs a counter on the HUD for undisputed champ stacks. Actually, every battleborn with a similar passive needs a way of tracking it.

Man, I absolutely agree with the counter idea. It’s something we didn’t quite have time to work in at release, but I’d love to slip in as quality of life additions later.

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I have played a few more matches against and with El Dragon now, because everyone’s ranks are getting higher and I must say… I feel like he should get a tiny bit nerfed. Something about him just makes him too good. Maybe his strenght? Or his speed?
He may not be extremely durable, be he seems a bit too durable for the ammount of damage he does.