About explosions of subsystems (for dev branch)

Hi all! Before I criticized Gearbox for poor visualization of the explosions.
Yes, of course it is a question of subjective perception and probably could not be unequivocally.
However, what player should think the in a situation, if the explosions are absent at all, where they should be?
When I received HWR, I was shocked by the lack of explosions of the subsystem! Where your work GBX!?
A year before, I was informed about this and many other problems on the old site, but now I clearly understand what GBX ignores the wishes of the fans.
Explosions subsystems is not in the game, just like there was in 2003!!!
Why the game does not progress after 15 years!??
I do not understand why I am one, can do it.
Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkFxkHHHT5U&feature=youtu.be
But a great team, with great potential can’t do!?
I think this is a very reasonable question…
Give me your answer!!!

Sometimes it seems to me that the Gearbox has no understanding of the real dimensions of the in-game ships, subsystems.
These objects in the game are very large!
Some subsystems such as Vaygr Shipyard Production reach huge sizes, more 1.7 km!
These objects can’t just disappear without any consequences, this issue should be a priority for the development team, but instead Gearbox focuses your attention on Motion Blur, Depth of Field, New interface! Nonsense.
Why re-invent the wheel? The game was already good interface, but Gearbox creates a new, instead of the real priority.
Again I forced to criticize GBX! You are not attentive to the people and the details of the game.

  1. All subsystems in the game should have a visual explosion.
  2. All subsystems must have the option “SobDieTime”, which there is every ship and who has been absent from the subsystem in the old Homeworld2.
  3. All subsystems must have the same damage from the explosion.

PS: I do not have any hostile emotions regarding Gearbox, as many people think about me, because of my criticism.
Also I not have the fun telling, about the not good work of the Gearbox.
I only have disappointment for my favorite game, watching the lack of progress after 15 years.

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The OP’s english is a little broken here, but I think I understand and agree with what they’re saying; Homeworld 2’s “subsystems” don’t explode when destroyed, they just arbitrarily disappear.

This might not be too noticeable for smaller subsystems on some ships, but for larger subsystems on ships like the Vaygr shipyards, it actually looks pretty jarring when they just suddenly disappear without any interim explosion or damage effects. It was one of the glaring graphical oversights that really stood out for me with Homeworld 2.

I was hoping this would be addressed for the Remastered update - can this be added in a patch?

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It is a disease of the old game Homeworld2 which was back in 2003.
In the game there was an setting “SobDieTime”
For example:

NewShipType.sobDieTime = 2.5

This allowed the ship to set the time for the fade, if the ship has lost all health.
But it didn’t work for any subsystem in the game, while remaining acutely necessary to create high-quality explosions of subsystems.
I was sure that Gearbox will fix it, after the restoration of the hw2 engine.
However, I was wrong, Gearbox was not abble or did not want to do it.

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Please don’t speculate as to our motivations or capabilities - it doesn’t in any way benefit your argument.

For example - sub-systems don’t explode. That’s factual, and yeah, we didn’t add that.

When people point out what isn’t in that wasn’t before (that is, things we didn’t change, not ‘failed to fix’) - they don’t point out all of the stuff we did change - which shows we’re both capable and very motivated:

  • Debris now burns out - no simple alpha fade there.
  • Salvage slowly disintegrates - again, a complex effect.
  • Asteroids don’t just shrink or go grey - they get cored and stripped.

And so on.

BUT - There will be Mod tools - so hey, craft the first ‘Improved subsystem damage/death!’ Mod - make 'em look crazy. I’ll even help you with what to hook up to the new stuff, etc.


I noted the disappearance effect on debris and salvage, I felt it was rather neat.
Also, asteroids not shrinking did surprises me as I was used to that but I must admit to not disliking the cored/striped effect.

Though admittedly there are at times a bit of a confusion figuring which asteroids still bear resources and which doesn’t when you only have time to quickly glance at things such as when in a multiplayer match. This said as an issue this is a very minor one so far.

Also: Kudos for all the great work by the way! It’s just great to see all the Homeworld 1 ships updated to modern graphics. On a random note, I recall reading that Gearbox have once considered also including Homeworld Cataclysm as part of the collection but couldn’t due to the loss of it’s source code and the fact that Barking Dog Studios had gone under. Have you folks ever thought about contacting Kerberos Productions in Vancouver?

I hear most everyone who worked on Cataclysm at Barking Dog Studios moved there when Barking Dog went under. Their team even include one of the writers(Arinn Dembo, aka: “Marcus Skyler’” by her nom-de-plume at the time iirc) who had worked on writing the history of Kharak and the Kiiths for the original Homeworld 1 game manuals.

@BitVenom Sorry, but I don’t understand you.
I tell only about the explosions subsystems, and you talk me about Asteroids, Salvages and debris chunks. What here is the relation?
I just want to know the answer to the question from GBX.
Why Gearbox not created the explosions subsystems?

The Subsystem explosions would have been nice, but really, the overriding requirement from fans was always “make the game the same as before with nicer graphics”. They gave us that. If they added things that were not in the game before, that improved the game graphically then it’s an icing on the cake.
If you want the subsystem explosions then ask nicely and may be they’ll add it.

[quote=“Ludovsky, post:5, topic:105016, full:true”]Though admittedly there are at times a bit of a confusion figuring which asteroids still bear resources and which doesn’t when you only have time to quickly glance at things such as when in a multiplayer match. This said as an issue this is a very minor one so far.

Asteroids are a little hard to see in general. This was not as big a problem in HW2, so better visible asteroids could easily be modded back in.

I’m not going to ask about this. I self can do this, as I showed in the my video example.
I just wanted to show what Gearbox not attentive to the details of the gameplay and it’s very frustrating people.
Since the release of Homeworld2, it has been near 12 years, however, the player sees all the same problems! May be this normal?
I know that this is not normal and for this reason I created this post.
This shows the lack of progress and this fact is not like to the old fans of this game.
I think this is quite an simple and adequate reaction.
There’s nothing supernatural…

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Mickey, the reason they didn’t create subsystem explosions is the same reason they didn’t make the ship explosions the way that you wanted them to:

They focused on other things.


Make your own Mod. Let’s not start another discussion like you did last time. It started tos ound like an attack on Gearbox.

Please make your own Mod.

I can see it. And these other things, Motion Blur, Depth of Field, new interface etc.
Things that were not necessary for HW-games.
Now and here I am expressing the opinion of many fans. You tell me “speak only for myself”, but I speak for many, because for 7 years was on the Relic forum and saw, how many people were disappointed by the lack of these details.
This suggests that this detail was needed by many people.
No one ever wanted to see in-game Motion Blur/Depth of Field.
Gearbox just you need to be attentive to the people in the future. Please!

I’ll do the mod, thank you Gearbox for an updated engine and new backgrounds, planets. it’s really beautiful work. But unfortunately only this.

Talking FOR the likes of other people is never a smart thing.

Also on this those effects are tech based (newer graphics cards and OGL features) and rather easy add and probably all added as one big rendering update. and not as a separate OMGz we need to add just this. So why not add something that was part of the package? so Motion Blur/Depth of Field is a really bad example.
On other things they chose to not change it. This could be because of a host of different reasons (or even no reason as it was not considered) . new UI was needed, other changes where added because they wanted to. and it helped the look and feel.
Remember they did MORE then just a remaster (normally just getting it to run on a new platform or res) but way short of a total remake. Anything they picked or not picked would have had people wondering why.
IF they do a HW3 those are the things you may want to stress for that, not HWR.

When i say: “No one ever wanted to see in-game Motion Blur/Depth of Field” I mean that I’m 7 years on the Relic forum and during these 7 years, I never saw that some people wanted to get Motion Blur/Depth of Field in the Homeworld Games. I only speak about my experience on the forum Relic.
However, many people wanted to get explosion of subsystem!
I hope I clearly expressed.

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So, it’s been expressed. Again. Gbx have commented. Conversation is over.