About fighters sound effects in HW1

OK, so here i am looking at a new video made today of mission 1 in HW1, everything looks great i got some goose bumps looking the ms launch, and the resource collectors beam, damm that looks and sounds great, good job there GBX, but then something happens… scouts started to shoot.


I going against nitpicking so far, but that need a change. i thought that those pew pew were some kinda of place holder when i first saw that, but still, no change so far, and forgive me on that, but that sounds terrible, it is so outplaced, they are not shooting lasers, those are guns, you can see a projectile flying, i know i know, they dont do that long burst anymore, you guys cant place a machine gun sound, but “pew pew”? They are doing now two large rounds burst, but with a gun and not a laser, look at this video, it should sound like this:


Well, that is just an example, you guys have done a lot of shooter games, you guys know how to do it, just get a proper gun sound.
Forgive me for nitpicking, but that “pew pew” sounds so wrong.


I gotta chime in my support on this one. The old HW1 gun sounds were mostly nice solid kchunks and kabooms and braaps, and their sounds in previews till now don’t match up with that. Now we’ve seen some last minute pleasant surprises already, so we won’t know for sure until steam finishes downloading, but this close to the wire I’m getting a bit concerned.

now you see why that kind of attitude is wrong. if you see or hear something wrong, make note of it immediately. if enough people say, they maybe change it. but now it’s too late.

this sounds good



I agree. I saw that video with expectation about the SFX of scouts firing, and while I THINK they changed it, they’re still lasers. I hate to nitpick too, really, but it breaks the immersion I feel while playing HW1. It’s badass to watch interceptors firing gatling gun-like guns all over the field. I can’t seem to grasp why, but pew-pews are inadequate.

Don’t want to sound mean, but refrain from replying “Well, go play the classic, it’s there in the bundle”. Thank you, but I played the original game with Splendor Mod on last week, for the 54th time. I want the Remastered version, with all that graphics love GBX gave it, to get as best as possible.

PD: Gawd, played for a while that mod from Freespace last month. First thing I wanted to do was to fly an interceptor and fire to hear that SFX. It felt so good :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Yeah i like the gatling gun-like sound, it doesn’t fit into it anymore since they changed the fire rate, i think that is why they changed the sound in the first place, but still “pew pew” is a no go.

Most of the other gripe post i have seen seemed like people were overly nit picking to me, but I hate to say it. This one is legit. When i heard the “Pew Pew” (on both the HW1, and HW2 interceptors) all i could do was Face Palm. As someone said in another post “Surely you can do better than this”.

HW does NOT use lasers (except for the ion cannons, and pulsars). They use mostly Rail guns, and projectile based weapons. If any weapon should make a Pew Pew sound it should be the Lance Fighter. Rail guns do not make a “Pew Pew” sound (in space they shouldn’t make any sound at all, but this is entertainment). Surely there is an appropriate sound better suited to represent projectile weapons than “Pew Pew”…

I really do hope those sounds are just place holders… If not i guess a “George Lucas” was pulled off on us.


Overly nitpicking. WAY overly nitpicking.

On the same level of nitpicking, I should remind you that there is no sound in space.

If this is really your greatest level of complaint, you all desperately need to relax and realize that you are hunting for things to be upset about. Don’t be so negative.

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Posting here just to show my support for this.

It’s nitpicking and I can live without but I see no good reason for this change… the fuel system being gone and the ballistic system being replaced by the RNG system are understandable, but not this.

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If a new version of star wars was released with all the lightsaber crashes and crackles replaced by metal sword clangs, would it be nitpicking to complain about it? Sound design is important to an experience, and different things, naturally, matter more to some people than others.


I loved the old VVVVRRRDMM VVVVRRRDMM sound of the old guns on the interceptors. Please bring those back. Please. Even post launch. (I guess we could always wait for a modder to patch it back in client side)


“About fighters sound effects in HW1”
Unfortunately the problem concerns not only the fighters.
Each new video from GBX demonstrates this.
Before I create topic here: The lack of sound effects from the classic Homeworld
But this topic was closed for unknown reasons.

GBX left only voice if actor, music. But the voices of the pilots (with the hiss of the radio), all sound effects has been removed.
Now hw1 gives a strange feeling. It is difficult to know the old sensation of old game.
Unfortunately this is not good, because the sounds hw1 were better!
They had the power, in contrast to the sounds of hw2.

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There is always client side sound replacement mods.


I for once like the new sound.
There smooth and calm to lisen to, the old gun sound is like a rasp going over and over again.

The remasterd sound fit the space theme alot more IMO.

Even though I like things they way they were those changes have some explanation, unify the system and getting the game more stable, balancing, etc, so I can live with that, but sound miss placement has no explanation.

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Ok… Liiiiitle bit of false equivalency here.

The lightsaber sound effect is iconic. you can go “VROOM VROOM” with a stick, and everyone will know, instantly, that you are thinking of a lightsaber. If you go “VADOOMDOOMDOOM” with a model plane, No one will know what you will be referencing homeworld.

THE GAME ISN’T EVEN RELEASED YET. Save your nitpicking complains for AFTER it is released.

and yes, this -is- nitpicking, and is NOT George Lucas-ing.

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They won’t change sounds effects after the launch.
I hope it is a place holder cuz there is a lot of miss placed sounds, like assault frigates being announced as flak frigates, a single interceptor being announced as a squadron.
And I’m not doing extreme nitpicking here, im ok with any GUN sound, im not asking for the old sound, but get a sound that matches what is being fired, and that is not a laser, there is no reason at all to sound like one.

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I hope they keep the new sounds, you can also mod it.
I doubt they will change it because a small yet very vocal minority wish it to be otherwise.

You are aware that lasers make no sounds when fired, right? Aside from the hum of machinary or electronics, the fact that we are getting a sound effect at all is a blessing and a horrible sci fi trope. I suggest you relax and enjot the game.

I’m also aware that there is no sound in space, and pew pew is a sound used in entertainment industry to simulate lasers firing, for entertainment purposes.