About Fl4ks pronouns

I had no clue Fl4k had no gender because he sounds like a man. I thought it would be the same deal with Fl4k as it is with Claptrap since they are both robots. It think this is why everybody is confused and I’m pretty sure Fl4k was referred to as “he” at E3 or something. I dont know why people are so mad about calling Fl4k a man because to me he sounds like a man. I get that he states that he is neither a man or woman so I dont know why it’s such a problem if someone calls Fl4k a man. Just let people play the game like they want to.

For a little information, try this:

Actually, people can play as they want to. They are just asked to use the pronouns intented by the character’s creator when they use this forum. That’s just a little politeness and not a big deal, one should think. Any other place on the vast web, just call Fl4k whatever you want.

That has been extensively discussed before. Just try the search function.