About FL4K's skill tree

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Does anyone have an idea when we might see a reveal for his skill tree? I wanna know more about his critters.


Not sure when we’ll see their skill trees or when we’ll see Moze’s. Many of us are speculating though that their trees will revolve around mid-long range combat. FL4K seems to like Jakobs rifles in screenshots and have something resembling a stealth skill. Hopefully, we’ll see them within the next month.

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Borderlands 3 Skill trees This might help you plan out your skill trees for the characters. (This reply might not be what you’re looking for, but its a letting you know in case you don’t know type reply)

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I have a feeling with Fl4k he’ll have a action skill to turn invisible like Zer0 from the gameplay trailer. Or it would be included in one of his beast trees.


I suppose it could be possible that down in one of their trees they might have an augment that can enable stealth in the right circumstances. Something similar to Krieg’s badass mode except automatic? Speculating what they are going to be like… FL4K just have me super interested in how their trees are gonna work.

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Same here, Fl4k and Zane seem to be the most interesting characters in the new borderlands game.

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I think that Fl4k will have the option to use 2 Action Skills, just like Zane. The only thing we’ve seen from Fl4k so far is that their Action Skills are 3 different pets, a Skag, a Jabber and a Spiderant. The Jabber can hold a gun while the others use their regular attacks

The newest trailer added 2 new pieces of info:

  1. Fl4k can use some sort of invisibility skill, which will (my guess) probably be an augment for their Action Skill.
  2. Just before the Skag appeared in the trailer, a Nova errupted which had heart and cross-signs all over the place. My guess is that Fl4k is the support class Vault Hunter of the 4 and the Nova we’ve seen was for AoE healing. A bit like Claptraps heart-nova. Probably an Action Skill Augment as well.

All things considered, we barely have any info on Fl4ks Skillset, just speculations and some infos for probably just 2 of their Skills. So not much, really.

(jafortune) #8

I don’t expect Fl4k to have two distinct types of action skills, that doesn’t sound like it would mesh well with the 3 tree structure. There’s just no way there’d be a balance of choice in that as there will either be too many choices to make off the start or the second action skill would have to be so under represented initially it would probably just be made an augment during development any ways.
I’d expect their set up will have 2 augment types instead;
Personal augments that affect Fl4k which can be used regardless of what pet they’ve chosen. Possibly but not necessarily related to the theme of each tree.
Pet augments that are specific to each pet, or tree if there are multiple pets in a tree, similar to all of Zane’s augments.

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I dunno, my 2 cents is that it would be a bit underwhelming to have a “Beastmaster” with only one beast at a time.

But isn’t that exactly what Zane has?

(jafortune) #10

I think you’ve misunderstood me. I’ve seen some suggestions that the pet and the invisibility represent two separate types of action skills all together. I’m not talking about whether he’ll have one or two beasts active at a time, which would be the same as Zane, but having a pet action skill and a personal action skill.

Although I’m still going to say 1 beast at a time. They’re interchangeable without needing to respec already, a beastmaster would probably want to invest more in to a single pet, and it’s more fitting to exchange a grenade for a second gadget than to exchange it for an animal.

(Cdh1989) #11

i think the spiderant skill tree would be based around crowd control, not sure about the scag or the Jabber i hope we find out soon because FL4K is the most interesting character in my opinion i cant wait to see gameplay or skill tree’s

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