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Me and my friend just got to level 69 and are starting the dlcs, do I have to beat the dlc for the enemies to be level 69 as well? I finished the main story and I’m trying to access farmory so it’ll help a lot.

You will need to beat the main story line of Knoxx to get it to scale to you.
If you ignore the side quests, it shouldn’t take long.

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Wouldn’t that stop me from farmory???

No, you’ll get 2 more missions for the Armory after that.

Is it like how in borderlands 2 captain scarlet you get to do treasure room more than once without glitch?

Yes, in total you get 3 runs (once in the main storyline and twice as optional objectives) but the later two are only available after doing a sidequest each for Marcus.

I seem to remember someone saying that the “last chance” farmory run gives better quality gear. Is there any validity to that?

It’s definitely been my experience that better gear drops on the 3rd and final run. If you are going to farm it’s worth getting to that point

I’d think placebo effect but there could be truth in it. Someone ought to make ~100 runs on each and compare the results. I nominate anyone but me.

I don’t think that’s necessary…the gang who figured out the “awesome level” stuff on the old forums kept track of that, and IIRC the chests have the highest awesome level ( = best loot, statistically speaking) on the last mission.

Probably somewhere in this thread, or one of its links:

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