About Gunzerker leveling (UVHM related)

Just started UVHM few days ago as a gunzerker.

Only thing I can say is i’m that close to uninstall the game…

I’m getting wrecked again and again by everything. All the mobs kill me in no time and I didn’t find any good weapons to play with (apart from the golden key chest).

My 2 best weap are snipers but they are so slow to reload. At the moment i reload, i’m dead.

Typical fight goes ==> gunzerker, F2L, mobs run 8 billions miles away ==> death

Just what to do to make UVHM at least playable?

For more in depth help post your build using this link:

1- what level did you start UVHM? Max level for weapons in TVHM is 50, so if you leveled your Sal to the low to mid 50’s, the enemies in UVHM scale to your level- and so will their damage. You, however, with all level 50 gear, won’t fare so well…

2- Are you using slag? Slag has a x3 damage and duration multiplier in UVHM IIRC- it’s damn near mandatory to kill any but the weakest enemies even with on level gear. A slag gun or grenade will make your life a heck of a lot easier as far as that goes…

3- He might be some folks idea of a walking invincibility mode but put him in the middle of a fight with a couple of Goliath Blasters or Heavy Nomads and it’s goodnight Sal. Stick to cover and take advantage of any terrain that allows you to dictate the terms of the fight- let your foes come to you when possible and use any natural bottlenecks to narrow their numbers…

4- If you can get the Marcus Saves Mercenary Day Headhunter dlc- it features a repeatable boss fight that awards on average 30+ pieces of gear that’s always on level…

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The start of UVHM is notorious for being the hardest part of the game (Harder than OP8 all things considered IMO) Just hang in there, it gets better.

As for getting the most of the Gunzerker, Please post your build :slight_smile:
I’m almost certain that we’re going to find the problem right there :stuck_out_tongue: (As it’S the case 95% of the time when I help someone in your situation)


Then they are not your best weapons.

I’m assuming you are basing your idea of what is the best weapon on rarity, but often you would be better off with an underleveled white gun that plays well to your character’s strengths, than with any purple or legendary that’s not meant for him.

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This is REALLY important in UVHM, even in NVHM, I’ve experienced (intentionally) how much a gun being too many levels under your enemies results in its effectiveness being garbage (I’ve used level 22 gun v. 35 enemies and I got way better results out of lower rarity level 30 gun, for instance). The reason for this is that BL2 uses exponential scaling, so each level increase is a fixed multiplier (like 1.19 or so) to the damage a weapon will do (evident from the gun card damage values being different). Don’t be afraid, especially in UVHM to grab up some POS white gun and use it if that’s the only thing you’ve got that’s near your level. White guns might be trash compared to an equivalent level leg. gun but about 5-10 levels difference, that White gun will start to actually perform better simply because the leg. gun has garbage dmg output now.

Slag ofc, is the other big one, the non-slag bonus dmg against a slagged enemy in UVHM is +200% instead of the +100% for NVHM and TVHM, and the duration is also doubled from 8 seconds base to 16 seconds (iirc). There’s even a +50% damage bonus when using slag against a slagged enemy in UVHM (no bonus in NVHM and TVHM). So be on the lookout for any slag guns/nades you can find so you have something to use as a slagging tool. Sal in particular loves having a slag gun in the off-hand to complement a good weapon in mainhand and keep your target slagged.

The others have already given the link to bl2skills so you can show us your skilltree and let us help out w/ your build, but I think the above tips alone will help you quite a bit (still, might as well get input on your build too; knowledge is power and its corollary is also true: a lack of knowledge is powerlessness).


My build looks like this at the moment. I’m level 57 and started UVHM at level 52


I’m using slag from one the 2 snipers I have. I plan to rush the campain to get the ruby, maybe things will be better after getting it.

I’ll try out the Marcus DLC, see if I can get good pistols to fit my build.

Here’s a slight change to get Hard to Kill- Sal needs the health regen between fights (especially if you don’t have a com that offers health regen (Beast or Titan coms I think…). Other than that it looks good- but I’d also max out Yippie Ki Ya as well… Also, Hyperion weapons suffer a penalty when you’re specced into Steady As She Goes- something about their accuracy gimmick throws things off…


The tree looks pretty solid overall (Gunlust+Rampage, pretty typical DPS Sal). However, I would make one change:
ditch All in the Reflexes for 5 Shots or 6.

Why? AitR’s melee damage is wasted, and the reload speed, while nice, isn’t exactly a lot, 5%/skill point. There are better ways to spend your skill points in that tree. 5So6’s effect is quite potent (though locked behind being a kill skill), and moreover, has excellent synergy with Inconceivable. Yes, both effects can happen on the same shot, and when that happens, you get +2 ammo which will be in your gun’s mag too if there’s room (this is what 5So6 really does under the hood: it gives -2 to shot cost, which is normally 1, but can take other values), and the shot cost nothing (this is due to Inconceivable, which sets shot cost to 0, and this is applied before 5So6’s effect when applicable).

Edit: btw, your build is close to what I am going for on my Salvador, which is this: http://bl2skills.com/gunzerker.html#550051551515505015515101000000000

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Your problem is definitely your gear then since your build is solid. But at 0 points invested in Brawn, you NEED a Moxxi weapon.

Do you still have one from TVHM ? it would still be better than what you have right now.

If not, I suggest moving some points around to reach Ain’t got time to bleed (but don’t touch your Rampage tree, it’s fine)

Why Huckleberry if you don’t use pistols ?

And start looking for a Hyperion shotgun, Even a white one would give you a good idea of what a good gun for Sal can do.

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No I don’t. I think i’ll respect into Brawn tree to get a bit of life regen until I have a Moxxi weapon and that might just do the trick.

Thanks for the anwsers guys :wink: much appreciated.