About handsome collection

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hello vault hunters! have a question to see if anyone knows anything. the handsome collection comes out in March, and apart from improving fps and phrames, there is something that worries me apart from improving the graphics, repairing things to worry that the game needs? I get very angry failing to wear my favorite coat (fabled tortoise) in OP 8 because they did not bother to make it more balanced at the time. and it is as simple as opposed to subtract a fixed value of health, which is the penalty percentage (for example heal -85%) know if there will be a miracle to worry to fix this problem and some more? thanks for answering in advance

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You’ve got to remember about Borderlands 2. There isn’t really much to fix… in fact most of the glitches I find in that game ae rather enjoyable. But sone of them are abpain in the a** so I could see where you’re getting at. Pre Sequal. That gsme is broke as hell. They need to fix a lot in that gane (ie farmable bosses :frowning:) but I’m sure they’re making this collection to ‘perfect’ the game the way “they” want to. Which is exactly why I’m not getting it XD. But I guess it could be good…

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you’re right, this fixed what they wanted, but if it repaired things will comment now, not only would the most difficult and fun game, but much more variety would look in gear and builds: the pangolin shields, equilibrate in OP8 The bore ability to zero that it repaired, that the ability to Gunzerker it fixed so that the skills of weapons do not mix, the Sandhawk arms, harold, pimpernel put the pellet count on the item card (so the game would detect all pellets and would distribute all weapon damage bonus to all pellets, including damage amp), include the option for the host to enable / disable the rank badass … if you do those few things I mentioned, the game would be much better for everyone. but as you say, fix what they want …