About Map Selection

Could you please add a check to see how many players already have voted?

Actually if over 50% players voted the same map it does not stop waiting for the others to vote ( which is meaningless, cause you know what map will be chosen ).

The same goes if the remained players are not enough to let the other map wins.

For an instance:

4 voted for MAP 1

then the game should instantly start instead wait for the others.

That’s it :slight_smile:

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Strongly agreed with you! This will totally reduce the wait time.

Always wondered why they didn’t do this.

And if 8/10 players picked character then timer lowers to 30 seconds?

Matches are getting shorter and wait times for matches are staying the same. That means you spend more time waiting than playing and get less of a reward for you time over all.

Kinda lame.

my biggest gripe so far has been the between game wait time. I hope they change that soon.

Maybe they didn’t because they wanted to give people a few more seconds to prepare themselves psychologically to the map they are forced to play in rather than the ones they like to. I personally get something to eat, walk around and stretch my body, or even pee till that timing ends. I dont while I’m in matchmaking queue because you cannot foresee when it will find a match or not, and I definetely won’t do that at after the game starts.

Yes, I do the same.

But if matchmaking is faster we can always do this before we start timer, or make it a race. :slight_smile:

Dude, there are 120 seconds into character selection.
Most of the games have something like 60sec.

120 sec are plenty of time to discuss with your own team mates ( and you can start talking during the “matchmaking queue” ).

The less we wait, the more we play.
That’s it.

Uhm, what does matchmaking finding time has to do with this? Don’t you also wait for to be sure you are in a match, and do whatever you will after selecting your character? I couldn’t connect these two but other than that, as you said it would be really nice if the matchmaking was much more accurate and faster, sadly there arent many people who plays the game lately and probably this causes the long queue timing problems.

Magnus AI without the needs of peeing got detected. Hobo Eradication Protocol activated.
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I am counting character selection and map selection as part of “matchmaking time”

Maybe it is a bad way to explain.
If I need to do something I leave while it is finding players.

I think as humans we work around the options we are given… and since the wait is so long we go do other things which makes everyone wait longer. But if we adapt to the new timers it could be better for everyone.

Unless you need a lot of time to pick things. Then it’s bad for you.

Kenaled says the truth.
If 120 seconds are not enough, the problem is not the time itself but the player.

Also, sometimes still happens, when i try to discuss with other players about picks, most of em instalock to “lock the hero they want to play”.