About Mellka's special gear

I’m a little “troubled” after my last match, where I competed with Mellka (among the others).
OK, she’s agile, got this venom and all, but one thing caught my eye - it was her “wingy” animation. To my understanding it’s Spike skill animation, right?
Now, I was wondering how Mellka would get this animation like 3 times during 10 seconds - is there some gear that enables that?

@EdenSophia , could you help here please? I have no idea.

Well oddly enough of all the characters I’ve mastered the gear I got from Master of Mellka is pretty sad:


…I don’t use it.
Instead, there are some very good cheap gear mods that give her speed and health pump.
Even on Helio advanced hardcore she does great with the cheap gear vs that legendary.

But if there’s some gear that makes Mellka spam Spike?
If green winged 4m (like pillars on Monuments) jump animation is exclusive to Spike of course.
And if not gear, what would make her jump so high so many times?

There is an helix that can reduce the cooldown of spike up to 40% based on her health (don’t know if you have -40% if 100% life or 0% life)…
Same for the Claw Lunge, there is a -50% CD if you kill with it

Maybe you saw something like : Claw Lunge => Spike (with helix to propel forward) => Claw Lunge

I’ve seen exactly this

Unless it’s consistent, I think this can be explained with all cooldown gear, firmware update, and cooldown helix? I really have no idea.

Or cheating/exploit :wink:
Well, I thought about gear first - last time I had some doubts about double mine by Toby, it appeared that it was gear matter. But this?.
Anyway, I’m planning to start with mellka, and I want that :]

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…I had something happen with Ambra twice recently that was gear related but made it look like I was cheating.
Using her legendary on the Sentinel there was a huge beam coming from me at all times making me godlike.
Same gear on Sabo and I had fire coming from my staff at all times, gosh that was wild.


Shame I missed this earlier - I could have cleared it up for you.

She isn’t using Spike. That’s Air Stall. Three second cooldown.

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