About Miko's Current State

I heard some nerf hammers are about to hit the game. Miko is far one of the most “annoying” and overpowered characters in game. You guys have to adjust his healing beam, with reducing its amount, or adding a cooldown. I’m tired of %100 guaranteed loss against Miko players in any modes I play. Even if one of their teammates stick to him(mostly Montana’s, Galilea’s…) and protects his ass with blocking, they are unstoppable. Body blocking is a huge issue in the game, and Miko’s overall potential is dangerous and overpowered if their teammates simply put their bodies between the enemy and him. A character shouldnt be able to do 3v1’s(should I include Miko?) while getting healed by Miko. Do something about this. This is extremely frustrating.

He got nerfed on the last patch

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Miko is fine. Stop trying to kill the person they are healing. Either pressure another part of the map or get a couple of people behind them and focus Miko down first.


You’re asking to nerf something that’s a product of good coordination and teamwork.

They nerfed Miko pretty hard in the last patch by hitting his self-healing, making him far more codependent on other characters - who intelligently should protect him. They definitely shouldn’t touch his healing beam without counterbalancing it elsewhere.

As a Master of Miko, it took a bit to adjust to the nerf (which also impacts his healing of others) - and having to hug other players to survive. But in so many cases, particularly in random groups - it’s frustrating to heal a team who just runs everywhere, in an uncoordinated mess, and dying.

Pay attention to if your enemy Miko enters with a group - since if that’s the case, they’ve likely got a functioning strategy (basically the only time I play Miko now is when I enter with a group).

But NO, they shouldn’t now tinker with his heal beam - since at some point he will just be a waste of a character.


Exactly. You have to fight coordination with coordination and tactics with tactics.

People never stop to consider that if you could just straight-up assault the person being healed and kill them every time without breaking a sweat that healing would be worthless.


rly? i like him, hes my main. I mean whats more awesome than a mushroom guy… holy crap if i had a choice id be a mushroom guy instead of a human guy irl myself. Anyway i dont care wether they nerf my fave chars or not it wont make me stop playing them, even if a char is nerfed so hard that picking him is considered trolling ill still play them.

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Alright than lets talk about Galilea’s potential in teamfights. She got a nerf in the previous patch and I assume she will get a new one incoming to her. She is a really powerful, durable/teamfighter/tanky/damager and I mostly get afraid to play against her. People complain how high her damage is in most of the scenarios and that is why she got nerfed. Her life drain passive is amazing. I pretty much can say that she needs one “but” if we fictionalise that her enemies are an “organized” team in a game that mostly tries to avoid engaging her or attack her first to kill her. We are playing this game, without an ELO system, or whatever you want to call it, which is a level 90 and a level 3 character or K/D 12/9/11 player A and KD 0-0/6/1 player B can get into the same team. There are mostly few ORGANIZED teams that engages the enemy team with focusing key characters like the supports because there arent a proper match making system in this game. Oh hey wait, that wasnt our subject. All of you, replied me that Miko can be shut down with a GOOD possible team to engage against him, which makes it BELOW AVERAGE/GOOD team matchups AND players you get. Mostly, this doesnt happens. I’m about to reach level 70 and I kept observing the higher leveled or around-the-same players while I was playing pvp matches and I dont see much of an impact on their playstyle with the experience they’ve got. Its easy to ask for a nerf, I’m a fully aware of it. Galilea got nerfed because of the high performance overall she has, but what makes Miko different from him even after the nerf he got? What differs if he is a bit more team dependant? A Miko can carry a team much easier than a Galilea can do. So what if he needs a better match up or a team that protects him? Weren’t we thinking about the worst/best cases to change a mechanic?We can think about the good scenarios to see how well a character does, I understand that. Even if Galilea has a huge damage potential that has a shield to block lots of damage, you CAN kill/stop her with a good coordination. So does the same for Miko. Then why dont they lower his potential more? Because they “already” nerfed him “hard”? Why doesn’t Galilea and Miko got treated the same. Galilea’s potential mostly never changes with her team. Miko can underperform but also do extremely well. He may look like a “high” risk high reward but please, an efficient Miko is much more useful and dangerous than a good Galilea. We are talking about a HEAL OVER TIME THAT DOESNT HAVE A COOLDOWN, and the only character that has such a high sustain capability. Ambra isnt that of a much since her kit utilizes more in damaging and its much much easier to interrupt her healing. Okay so, I ask you guys to compare Galilea and Miko’s -'s and +'s. Miko is much less punishing to play, more dangerous and less fun to play against. If you guys agree with Galilea’s current state, you have to have a look on Miko as well.

I see where your coming from. I just want to say that reading this is a great argument to not nerf gali again like so many people are wanting

They may whine about her, but if she is going to get nerfed once more, I ask an equal treatment for other characters as well. I’m trying to show what I’m thinking of, and I can never be sure about it. It is just a thought but that doesn’t makes it right or wrong. Rather than focusing what majority asks as I saw from the previous patches, they have to look around the forum topics like this I’m whining in, in case of I got a point that should be analyzed to get fixed (if they dont do). This just doesnt feels right.

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To bring it back to Miko, you are mostly commenting on your particular perspective, and I’d be curious to know how much Miko you’ve played yourself to know what the reality is. Commenting that a well-organized team defends him is just pointing out the way that character is intended to function, particularly after his last nerf removed much of his own self-sustaining capabilities. And it’s not to say further balance isn’t needed, but things would need to balance between his heal beam and biosynthesis (which took a huge hit).

In many many many many cases, he is still rapidly eliminated (and takes a while to recover with the 30% smack to biosynthesis, and he has no shield) - and to counter, the most slightly intelligent opposing team targets him instantly (or they should).

The game is still in a volitle state as people learn who does what and how to best play - regardless of groups or random. It seems you are noticing people better understand how to work with Miko in a group - that’s great. But hardly means he needs a nerf, since he is crushed quickly and easily still in so many cases (and as a Master of Miko who uses him frequently - I can say that from actual experience using him a lot in groups and random teams).

Miko’s already been nerfed enough, pick on somebody else.


Would you like him to have “shield”,“higher amounts of heal” and, I dont know, higher health pool?

I cant, he is the only healer in the game.

Miko is most definitely not the only healer in the game. Kleese’s heal chair is more powerful and heals surrounding players while still being able to attack, Ambra can keep her Sunspots recharged to provide sustained healing to multiple targets and Reyna can do a considerable amount of burst healing to a single target from range.

Yeah, if built right. Did you say unlimited healing for Ambra’s sunspots and did you compare Miko’s high sustain to Reyna’s heal? Oh wait and there is Kleese.
(Its not unlimited mostly, because you nearly 1 shot those spots.)

Since Miko can’t heal and attack at the same when using the beam, they actually lower total DPS if there isn’t a tank on the team. Someone choosing Miko can actually lose you the game if you have particularly aggressive opponents.

This is very true, especially early in the game. I love Miko, but with how slow he is at recovering (esp in early game) - an aggressive opposition with more firepower can prove more effective, especially if your team (when Miko) is sent scrambling with high aggresssion.

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Miko isn’t OP though, so why change her?

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If you’re having an issue with Miko hugging the arse of a tank so they can’t get shot, next time just choose OM or Thorn and throw down an AoE.