About Nisha's dialogue in BL2

Has anyone noticed that she’s more polite in BL2? She was a murderous, funny sociopath in TPS, but in BL2, she’s respectful towards you and Brick.

What do you think made her so polite after 2 or 3 years?

Being written as a side character for about 4 missions then being killed off, she was never destined for much, but they desided to put her in the Pre-Sequal so they had to write more stuff which inevitably wasnt exactly the same as the original.

Cannon wise, maybe because she was put in charge of a Town, and had to act sheriff-y.

I hate when she yells that I’m tougher than Brick. Once she says that I really want to kill her.

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There is NOBODY tougher than Brick.

Then again, her not verbally abusing you like Jack didn’t make me want to kill her.

Piston, on the other hand, made me want to shoot off his groin, rip out his guts through it and strangle him with them.

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Piston would suffer more if you ripped of his pecs. He would also look a lot funnier. :laughing:

Piston’s pecs are probably just bundles of wet noodles wrapped in bacon, so make sure you burn them off!

Glad to see that people agree!

But still, guys, why do you think that she’s so polite in the first place?

Judging from one of her announcements, she’s pretty bored most of the time and is happy to see actual combat. Or she sees you as an worthy opponent.

Or she mellowed out a bit. I dunno.

While her tone was calm, she did talk with great pleasure about strangling Brick’s dog until it’s neck snapped. She is still sick in the head.

She is sick in the head, pretty much. Being Jack’s girlfriend does that to you. She has also no problem hanging people or torturing them for the dumbest reasons possible. I mean, being out at night? That’s crossing the line!

Also, has anyone noticed that the entire town’s population is basically bandits? (Except Winger.) There’s no sign of anybody that looks like a Sanctuary NPC.

Well, aside from the aforementioned difference in scope when writing the character in BL2 versus TPS: calm, polite threats are way more intimidating than loud angry ones. (See: The Bosun. Yeah, scary threats, you raging incompetent!) They indicate that the person delivering the threat is so badass that they absolutely can and will do everything they say - and then some. It’s as if they’re saying “I don’t meke threats, only promises”. Nisha probably learned or developed that skill along the way…

(The Bosun isn’t meant to be remotely frightening, either.)

Agreed. They are.

However, Nisha seems to be good at keeping her cool and withholding anger. She’s obviously mad when you blow up her train and rob the (ridiculously tiny) bank, but she continues sounding calm. She only gets mad during Showdown, and when she laughs, it seems like that she’s either faking it, or that she’s really, really good at keeping cool.

That’s because it is, Lynchwood is a place for Bandits to go and start a new proper life under Hyperions rule.

It doesn’t make much sense, considering Jack wanted to kill everyone, but eh?

Oh god, I can imagine this conversation now:


“That’s exactly what I’m doing, Jack. I’m keeping them there so I can hunt them down.”

“Then why can’t you just go to the Dust?”

“…You do know that you gave me this town as an anniversary present, right?”

She got laid lol? XD

…Something like that, I guess.

Shes the Pandorian equivalent of a bored housewife.