About nova possibly being playable someday

If she becomes playable, please, PLEASE make her UPR, it is where she belongs not LLC, make the robot suit militaryist, not every magnus needs to be LLC

Shes a proud independent Magnus and she can choose whatever faction she damn well wants.
::snap snap::

Yes yes she is (bit let’s face it we know she would never choose the LLC

Eldrid Magnus ftw :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow this backfired

Nova makes her own rules

Technically ISIC IS one

Rogue Magnus is too rogue to be rogue!


Rogue Rogue Magnus

Like a trap trap? Being so rogue from being rogue that they actually end up rogue?

nah you got em confused
thats a Rogue Rogue rogue

I admit defeat. Have a cookie.

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I support Eldrid Nova who thinks her robot is magical and has mock magical fireballs.

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