About paid mods on steam and borderlands sdk

Now that the mods will be paid and a portion of the value is passed on to the game companies, do you think that the gearbox can release the sdk ?

Can: maybe.
Will: not likely.
Pleasantly Surprised: Yes.

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What is that?

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◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤… //////// // / \ Dont pay if you are with us.

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This whole thing is stupid, Gaben/Valve really lost my trust with this move.

But for an sdk, it’s very doubtful that GBX would release one at this point and with content being cooked it’s not really possible.

Isn’t it not possible to have an SDK with cooked content ? (Which BL2 and TPS use)

Well people could make new content and they could probably make mutators for the game since they’re fairly easy to do for UE games but they couldn’t alter cooked content for the game afaik because files are stripped of editor code when they’re cooked. Also I think that it’s called ‘Publishing’ now on the PC and cooked on consoles or not, I dunno it’s confusing.

Tools that would enable modding.
Software Development Kit its called.

This depends on how well everything is encrypted/hidden/etc.

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Some wise words for Commander Vladof himself, STOP THE OPPRESSORS!!!

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Valve lost my trust years ago, with crappy updates to their games, adding hats rather than content, usually making you have to have micro-transactions to fully enjoy updates. They aren’t going to make games if we keep giving them money for hats, skins, and item sets. They should know you make money for releasing games, not some reskinned crap made by someone else.

Is Borderlands 1 considered cooked? There is an unofficial limited/partial SDK floating in its code available via magic (Dr Zed’s patch but only for win 7 or XP I believe :frowning: ) IIRC hence question.

Well actually, Gaben just did an ask me anything on reddit, and he said that the game developers choose the cut that is taken, not valve.

Im still not for it however, despite not even owning a pc

More paywalls. Another reason for me to stay away from PC gaming.

You know another name for paid mods? DLC.

thats all that mods are really, non developer created dlc, and de facto patches.

there is such thing as free dlc. and steam isnt the only place to get mods.

but to be frank, calling paid mods dlc but then saying its another reason to stay away from pc gaming is a bit ridiculous, isnt it?

its not like console gaming has a better alternative.

Better, no. But the PC landscape for honest gamers is deteriorating in the direction of a closed gaming space, lowering itself to be more restrictive, like consoles. Doesn’t that trouble you?

thats happening on all fronts, not just pc.

but yah, i dont like it.

Paywall is gone now.

Gone in the Skyrim workshop. Does that effectively mean gone from Steam altogether? Good news in any case.

For now but it’ll likely make a return but done properly (a suggested amount for paying but you don’t have to if you don’t want to pretty much I think)