About penalizing leavers

hey guys, so since i hate chaos rumble and draft only does incursion and meltdown i started playing overwatch again (ill be back in a week when things settle down). i havent played in many months and one of the things i first noticed (after leaving a game because of network issuse) is that they penalize leavers. so i thought what would be the best way to penalize leavers in battleborn? since, i gather, the biggest reasons people leave early is being crushed (which bothers me much less) or that the match wont help them get some sort of title or lore or whatever (which bothers me alot) the best thing to do would be after 3 leaves to not allow the next 2 or 3 games to go towards leveling or unlocking any sort of acheivements. some may say this is too harsh but seriously if you are joining a game and leaving after the stage select or doing this thing where you leave right after the teams have formed but before the stage select and then rejoining (i have not a single clue why people do this, i have seen people do this up to 10 times in a row GRAAAAHH! are they just ruining the game for us for fun?) you are, i hate to say it :frowning: , being a jerk and wasting everyone else’s time.

so what do you guys think about penalizing leavers by making the next X number of pvp games not go towards any acheivements?

thanks :slight_smile: , sorry for getting so serious haha

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and then voting for surrender, then it fails. then the match keeps going on, they return, vote to surrender again, it fails, they leave and the loop goes on. idk, to me that’s the penalty working. clearly they are frustrated that they can’t do anything for however long it takes for the match to finish

yeah that is fine soemtimes. the ones i think are the worst actually are the ones where they leave after stage select and people have to wait the minute for them to come back or before stage select (god knows why) but after the teams have been made.

can someone tell me what the people who leave before stage select but after teams have formed are doing? i mean the ones who do it repeatedly. i cant think of why anyone would do that…

Sometimes there are matchmaking errors for whatever reason, and it boots you out in the transition between stage and character selection. And then you have to sit there and wait to reconnect to the match if you do choose to come back. It’s only happened to me every and now then but i don’t know what conditions trigger it

looks bizarre on my end O_o

There are actually flaws to penalizing leavers. It would work great if the system could identify what happens to someone if they leave, like if they open another game or app. But it can’t, so you could possibly penalizing people who don’t deserve to be penalized. Whether someone loses connection due to the servers or if their internet crashes. And in the end, it is just a game where you’re meant to have fun. If someone isn’t having fun why should they continue to play? I understand if you were in a ranked game, then it’s meant to be competitive and leavers should be penalized. But not in a casual game where the whole point of playing is to have fun.

And what’s fun about being steam-rolled? Whether it’s because you are with or against a 5 man premade group of tryhards. Or you’re with new players trying to learn how to play the game and you’re up against veterans. Just today most of my matches I tried to take it easier since most players I was against weren’t even in the double digits and weren’t that great of players. But sadly I was in a random group and wasn’t in a position to tell my teammates what to do. I understood why some of those players decided to leave, the game wasn’t fun for them, and it wasn’t fun for me. There was no challenge to it, we just steam-rolled and won without having to worry about losing. I wouldn’t want them to be punished for repeatedly being put in those situations and leaving because they couldn’t do much besides dying, a lot.

So in the end for casual games, no punishments should be dealt out, but for ranked I’m all for it. Those are two very different situations and should be handled differently.


i get what you’re saying. i just had alot of waiting today to do today because of leavers, and that can get annoying.

Yeah, it can, but I would rather wait for games and have people leave a game, then penalizing people who may not deserve it. Either way, someone will end up suffering that doesn’t deserve to.

So you mainly prefer capture and Faceoff? Tough in this voting economy

My thoughts on the rest of the topic are
A. Barely formulated
B. They have a very strange feel. Like I’ve discusses this before and it went badly and now I have this odd taste in my metaphorical mind mouth. Blech, debate aftertaste. I think they should extend the “you can’t play another match” thing by another 15 minutes or so. To make it so going afk at least gets you in the next match faster than having to wait. Then we have to figure out how to deal with AFKers… welp

To put it a different way, making Bots Battle a mainstay would really help with the second group that you dislike so much.

I’m pretty sure that’s against the forum rules calling other players a “jerk” specially when you don’t understand their reasons.

I do this whenever I want to be in a decent party. Not as much as before because most of the time I don’t care the type of team members I get. It can also be a time consuming process.

One of the reasons is simply due to title recognition. You can spot potential experienced/skilled players based on the type of titles they have equipped. If I want to be part of a decent random pug party I will leave until I find team members with good pvp titles.

Other players also do it because they recognize a person in their team that is not good or had a previous personal distasteful encounter.

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sorry ill never call anyone a jerk again. I Swear! ^_^. it just adds alot of waiting before a match

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I like the idea of repeat offenders being consigned to some sort of leavers central zone for some set number of successfully completed games or some specific span of time - but the numbers and expense probably can’t justify it.

Being short-handed is a massive disadvantage - maybe the team with fewer players could be provided with some kind of modest minion buff once the reconnection timer runs out and the stray player is definitely out (although that would only help modes with minions.)

i thought i heard somewhere on this forum about replacing the absent players with bots