About recent updates

I am a Chinese player, my English is not very good, so I use translation software to translate it. I know many players who love this game. We can’t understand why you weaken around the characters and weapons in a single player game. A single player game can be a little difficult. But this game is for shooting pleasure. It really doesn’t mean that you do this balance. I A friend’s weapon is changed according to you. Six clips cost seven bullets? Are you insane? Weaken around the characters and weapons in the game.Why don’t you have the time to develop more DLC, more interesting weapons, weaken around character weapons, spend more time to develop more DLC, make more money and then develop more interesting games and DLC?

Last questions first: The team doing balancing is separate from the team(s) developing the DLC content. There are three more DLCs already committed to releasing between now and September (as part of the Season Pass or as separate purchases). Dates and contents have not been made public yet, but keep an eye on the official social media feeds and the news sections here.

It’s more than a single player game - it’s up to four player co-op. If even one person on a team is using a weapon that vastly out-performs everything else, it can impact the experience of their co-op partners. Watching someone 1-shot everything while you are left with nothing to do is not fun. This is why balancing is still important. Whether the changes achieve the optimal balance is another question, and to some degree subjective.