About replayability on borderlands 3

ive seen quite a lot of comment saying borderlands 3 is not really that replayable compare to borderlands 2 , while i agree but i would like to know your reason .

for me , its because of borderlands 3 by playing story alone , u would not be underlevel most of the time. when i create a new character i ended up speed running the story and i wont be touching side quest . it isnt the same journey / progression / however u would like to call feeling that we experience in borderlands 2.

And the existence of M4 , makes me specifically play 1 character , since farming another set of item with another annoint isnt easiest thing ever.


I call it the “feeling of unrewarding, tedious redundancy.” The feeling of having an idea of wanting to do something with a character and giving up on it halfway through TVHM because the progress slog has become unbearable and the only light at the end of the tunnel is a UVHM freight train coming your way. Sisyphus pities the BL2 VH.


Hmm, this is the only Borderlands I’ve felt like replaying. I’m on my third character. I have two in TPS. Will probably never finish the second character. I have one in BL2, not even at level 50. I will probably go back and do some more of the DLC.

I can’t put my finger on it, I just enjoy playing through this game. I think it’s the varied maps and planets. I can’t think of a single map I dislike. The bosses are reasonably balanced. I dunno, just fun s’all.

I wish I could disable the guardian ranks for new VHs. Seems kind of an unfair advantage to start a character with such an unearned advantage.

I will probably pass on the Crimson Radio challenges. Too much hopping around and falling off. Tedious, not fun. Other than that…

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For me it’s that even the Borderlands 2 main game had way more optional stuff to do, that is simply missing from this game like.

  • Almost twice as much side quests, which most of had an associated mini boss which in turn had an unique drop… even more if you take things like CoS/proving grounds out of the equation.

  • Several unique spawns and secret enemies that you can’t really compare (in my opinion) to 30 more or less interesting enemies split between Hammerlock hunts and Zero targets, with the Rare spawns not showing up most of the time.

  • Several completely optional big areas, complete with own missions and storys etc.

  • For me the most glaring: The almost complete lack of any real easter eggs/secrets etc. Borderlands 2 was filled to the brim with these at almost every turn ranging from small nods to complete secret locations and even “puzzles” spanning entire locations, for example things like Gearys cog or Vermivorous.

Even after playing BL2 for 7 years, everytime I go back, I’m litterally drowned in atleast 30 things that I forgot, remember or never tried out.

Personally the thing that makes me replay Borderlands 3 is that this time around each character feels really unique and you can actually play different ways because in BL2 it didn’t really mattered what character you were playing or if you were Lv. 5 or 50 it always felt like a Shooter(except when playing a melee Krieg )

In BL3 all there really is to do is running the story and maybe do some side quest that’s pretty much it.

Edit: And I think, things like the crew challenges are nice but don’t add much diversion.

Edit 2: Oh and not to forget that difficulties actually added “new” enemies. For some reason the only thing that happens in BL3 is adding Infected Psychos to the Broadcast Center in TVHM and that’s it :neutral_face: Take a look back at 2 who can forget there first time coming upon their first Armored Psycho or Rabid Stalker/Skag etc. these are quite the game changers alone.


I did set out on day 1 looking for vault symbols only to realise after a few hours there are none.

There are some cultural easter eggs abound, but not as many as BL2.
One of the more noteable and definite LOL moments for me in BL3 was finding ‘Ectoplasm’ guy in Carnivora.

Also found a terminator thumbs up in the DLC.

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At first thought BL 3 would be the game that i play most.
It’s the first time that all four VH look really interesting to me.
Also the gameplay feels a lot better (Better weapon mechanics, well designed enemys and bosses, better vehicle mechanics).
But after my first play throug I encountered a big problem: I was already max level.
For me the most fun in Borderlands is to play the campaign again and again while im constantly finding new weapons and the game is slowly getting more difficult.
In BL 2 even after three playthrougs with the same character I still wasn’t max level. In each fight it was possible that one of the enemys drops a better weapon.
Now In Bl 3 I would have to grind certain enemys and bosses in order to get better gear and I just don’t enjoy that.
So you could say now that I still can make one playthroug with every other VH at least.
Here the problem is that the difficulty on the first playthroug is damn easy. In Bl 2 you can look forward to TVHM if you start a new char. Thats not the case in BL 3.

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I do like this game. A lot. But there are so many things preventing me from enjoying it fully, especially holding me back from using multiple characters. Too much time spend in the shared bank.

+1 - Gunplay is much better
+1 - Some QOL things (Although BL2 Reborn has most of them)
+1 - Gameplay is better.

-1 - Shared bank, that no matter how large they let us make it, is no substitute to personal bank.
-1 - Shared bank, with so many annointments/weapon types ect. Upon starting new character
having to wade through a previous character weapons is a pain.
-1 - Lackluster main story
-1 - TVHM is irrelevant - Minor changes from Normal mode, and on TVHM M4 - no different than
-1 - No Raid Bosses
-1 - No reason to explore regions (no vault hunter symbols - or similar) to find.
-1 - So few side missions.
-1 - Too many things already explored or completed when starting TVHM.

There’s much more. And while this is my own opinion, some of the downsides to this game are hard to ignore.


Bl2 is filled with stuff to do, the hardest settings are actually challenging, and there’s 6 different vault hunters to help make each lobby just a little bit more interesting. All bl3 has is more vanilla legendaries that literally rain down all the time. It’s a good game, but bl2 is one of the best from the whole decade and it’s not even close.


I agree with this whole heartily. Much more to do even in Vanilla BL2.

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theres no "gunplay"tbh , its not like a pvp fps game . but if u referring to how u feel about gun , i felt like crap , since gearbox clearly have 0 intention to fix control , i just cant enjoy when the most basic thing in a game is broken . let me explain

borderlands 3 have terrible acceleration and ads sens based on 360 distance , which is bad obviously

ps4 btw

I’m at the point where each time I play, it’s for less time and I always end up thinking “this was a complete waste of time”. I have put in the time… I have tried to enjoy it, but they are too stingy on the drops. There’s a thousand complaints about it on these forums, but they won’t yield.

Probably the next stop for me is just spawning the gear I want, and at that point it’s game over, because there is nothing left to play for. I really don’t understand why they don’t want people to enjoy the game… I can only suppose that the people at GBX aren’t gamers themselves and don’t have a sense of what is fun in a game.

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I liked BL1 more than BL2 so am not surprised that I enjoy BL3 as much as I do, in spite of the bugs and other stuff. It’s everything I wanted BL1 and 2 to be. This is the first time I’ve been excited to play all vault hunters.

BL2 did grow on me but that’s because I had a lot of time to get used to it. I imagine we’ll have a lot of time to get used to BL3, though it does concern me so much fuss was made about all the improvements pre-launch, only for us to find 12 weeks in the game is nowhere near complete. And it’s not just a console thing. I played BL2 on 360 and as I recall it was a seamless experience from launch.


This thread really shows how people have different tastes and experiences. I love BL2 and spent a lot of time in it. Despite the bugs and laggy performance, I still like BL3 better. To me it’s a richer experience - better scenery, music, more interesting skill trees, and love the interactions and complexity that anointments add. Dedicated drop rates need fixing but I’m optimistic that will get better.

I went back to play the Tiny Tina DLC a few weeks ago and it made me appreciate how much more evolved BL3 is. I will say that the much smoother/faster performance of BL2 was really nice tho. If Gearbox could get that level of performance out of BL3, half the complaints about the game would evaporate.

Love Tiny Tina and many other BL2 characters that originally got me hooked. I actually think the BL3 writing around Tina is great, there’s just not nearly enough of it. I hear so many people talk about the main story. Ok, BL2 was arguably better but I think that’s mainly because Jack is one of the all-time best villains of any video game. After replaying BL2 4-6-8 times to get to max level, who really is savoring the story? At that point, you’re pretty much sprinting through it to level up.


The thing I liked about BL and BL2 was the matchmaking. In my opinion the thing that made the Borderlands, Borderlands was matchmaking. In the past you could play the entire campaign with random people. With BL3 I seldom have people join my game though that option is open. A few times I have had three other people the game crashed. I have played through the campaign with all the charaters but have not had as much fun as I did with the previous games.

Ahhhhhh Raid Bosses! How I miss those!

How many were in vanilla BL2? Terry and Verm, right? And then the first DLC added Master Gee and Hyperius (probably one of my favorites).

So by the first dlc of BL2 we had 4 raid bosses, whereas in BL3 we’ve only had 1. And that one isnt even a true borderlands raid boss.

I’d love it if some raid bosses were suddenly thrown our way, because those were the things I enjoyed the most out of BL2. Always gave my friends and I something to shoot for.

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that and the infected psychos are so easy to kill. id rather have armored psychos since they’re actually something worth shooting at

also its weird, but this is the game ive completed the story on 8 characters, but only done tvhm story with 2. i enjoy making new profiles but completing the story twice on the same character for me is just, such a slog. i really dont think the campaign needed to be “30 hours long”, a much more tightly-knit campaign wouldnt just be easier to replay, but a better pace would’ve made me more attached to the story, i guess?

you could lock mayhem mode to after tvhm, scale drop rates to mayhem levels/playthrough modes, but i dont think itd affect the fundamental issue that bl3’s campaign is just too long. id rather have a focused 8 hour campaign

bl3’s story was so long it was hard for me to pay attention a lot of the time, or feel any real stakes with certain plot points :frowning:

i also think the lack of easter eggs actually hurt this game a lot! not like theyre mandatory for any game but it did add a lot to bl2’s charm. they could count as optional content in a sense! like one playthrough i can check our the minecraft easter egg, or climb a mountain to get a double rainbow on another.

maybe it was because i was a kid, but bl2 vanilla felt so huge to me, so much stuff to explore and secrets i might’ve not known if i didnt explore. in contrast, i get the dev’s say its a “bigger game” but for me it just feels longer instead :confused:


There’s a big difference between length and depth, and this is one of those instances where you feel the difference, even if you can’t explain it.
BL2 had a lot more side quest areas and free-roam areas, for you to venture off and enjoy. While B3 has more areas tied to the main story (which itself seems to veer off into “side” missions, at times), meaning less content that isn’t tied to the main story.

Comparing the base games: B2 had 19 main missions, plus 109 side ones, before DLC. B3 has 23 main missions, but only 91 side missions.
B2 has 42 locations, while B3 has 32.

B3 is longer, but when you actually compare the two, B2 has a lot more depth, even before you add all the many DLC areas and missions. And then, add into that all the B2 easter eggs and area challenges, compared to the B3 crew challenges.


A difference of 14 missions. Not a very significant difference. There are signs that some potential missions were unfortunately scrapped from BL3, however. Areas that are unused/locked. Bits of development that happen off-screen that have an area in game where it seems like we should’ve seen them.


I would disagree. I think BL3 has great replayability value.

This thread neatly encapsulates just how polarised opinions on the game are. Some say they hate it, while others love it. Shows just how difficult it is for the devs to please everyone and there will always be some people out there who will not be satisfied.

The game mechanics keep me coming back. The gunplay is just so much better than BL2 in every conceivable way. As is the scaling. I’m fine with the story, which for me is just a means to point me in the right direction. It’s always been a BL quirk that you had to complete more than one playthrough so I don’t have a problem running it twice and I quite like the fact that quite soon after I start the second run I’m at max level so I can really experiment with different weapons and builds while playing the main quest. And the bank sharing makes that even easier

I distinctly remember in BL2 after starting TVHM there was almost always a drought of several levels where it was almost impossible to find the right gear and playing was a bit of a slog until the right stuff dropped. I don’t think I’ve experienced that in BL3 yet because of the increased drop rates so I’m finding the playthroughs significantly more enjoyable. It’s just more fun for me overall.


Sorry but where are you getting such a high number? Last time I checked I’m pretty sure I counted 53? and that was already with Proving Grounds etc. are you also counting the “quests” to just travel to them and the co-op rare spawns?

Not saying you’re wrong but I have a hard time believing that BL3 has that much side quests considering there are fewer areas which most have just 1 side quest or any at all.