About replayability on borderlands 3

Tubby’s are just fine as in BL2 and BL3. We also have loot tinks now too in BL3 which are a fun surprise.

But yeah, I was meaning the rare spawn enemies that drop dedicated loot.

I miss chubby/tubby enemies. Loved the fact that you can find a Tubby Skeleton in Tina’s DLC. =]

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it wouldn’t work on bl3 anyway , u feel happy to see them because they are almost guaranteed to improve your character if u dont have their class mod.

bl3 system would bring nothing to u , u would react like hey theres a tubby then nothing really happy about

I liked them for the way they looked, more than the loot. The loot was good, but like you say, that wouldn’t add anything to B3. Would be nice to see chubby jabbers and saurians. And maybe some nekrotafeyo critters.

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Chubby Guardians :rofl:


Both. But my farming is pretty casual in itself. However, that’s still like 50+ times I’ve been down there.

Are you hitting her triggers?

Same way nearly every time, and I’ve encountered her, so the answer is either yes or whatever these triggers are supposed to be are bunk.

“The Black Queen only spawns if the new-u station in front of the small house with the bandits is triggered. Failure to trigger the station will result in a 0% spawn rate”

They say with trigger it is 33-44% spawn chance, mine has always been closer to 20% chance.

the more I ponder it the more it hits me

BL2 was great and they took what they learned in BL2 and made some quality of life adjustments, added a few new mechanics, made the guns feel a little better and that’s about where they stopped.

They didn’t evolve, they didn’t do what works in other looter games and they didn’t scrap what didn’t work in BL2 but rather left it in.

People wanted a replayable slaughter dome and in 3 we got it along with the trials but like someone else said they needed to do something more.

People loved the raid bosses in the base game, BL3 had no raid
People loved the DLC raids, this on Nope

They need to rethink the end game and fast, or at least road map it so we know what’s in the pipeline.

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i honestly sees nothing alike in borderlands 3 , nerf / annointment / terrible dedicated loot drop rate / bad skill tree design (Some skill are completely worthless)

i find no joy playing the game once i reach 100%completion and 4 50lvl VH

This is actually a very good point.

I recall that BL2 had a lot of side-quests with very useful uniques as a reward.
It thus became a very good challenge to complete TVHM using story quests only and get to level 50 so that these side-quests would also level up to 50 and you could then obtain the uniques at max level.

It was tough but a good challenge to collect them all.


about 900h borderlands 2. this i only played story once
i don’t know it just feels boring

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I’m loving it, I find it even better than BL2 (my clear favourite before BL3). I’ve played BL3 for 390 hours so far, compared to ~1000 hours in BL2. But that was stretched over 7 years and 4 DLC campaigns, BL3 was released 4 months ago and it’s got only one DLC campaign so far.

BL2 does some things better, most notably narrative/humour which is just leagues above BL3. Also more enemy variety. And yeah, sniper rifles felt more relevant. Dragon Keep was fantastic, but to be fair that was the 4th DLC campaign while we have only one so far in BL3. The first DLC campaign (Captain Scarlett) was pretty short and very similar to the main game.

But that’s mostly it imo. Guns feel much better now, I mean they’re great fun in BL2 but they always felt a little plasticky and lacked heft. Shooting is just more satisfying now, especially when you’re sending enemies flying with shotguns.

I love the added build variety thanks to 3 action skills per character and more fundamental differences between the VH’s. Also with Amara it’s got my favourite VH in the series, although that’s subjective of course. She just happens to combine all the play styles I enjoy most, and I can play her in different ways. Maya is my favourite in BL2, but effective endgame builds are very limited, it’s just one main build with a little room for a few details.

As for endgame fun, BL2 really shot itself in the foot with slag. Having to keep enemies slagged all the time is just annoying, for my liking slag is the single worst thing about BL2. Getting rid of that just makes it so much better.

Then there’s all the QoL improvements, auto-pickup, buying ammo, proper vehicle controls etc… Gearbox did a great job at addressing those niggles that can become really annoying over time.

Then the glitches. I absolutely don’t miss items falling through the floor all the ■■■■■■■ time. Wanna farm for that skin from Bloodwing? Good luck with that, I hope you’ve got a really high frustration tolerance. Also, the ludicrous invisible obstacles everywhere are gone, thank God.

And while BL3 clearly still has some balancing issues, it doesn’t have ludicrous difficulty spikes like BL2, and just suddenly going down – without even a faint idea why – happens a lot less in BL3 than in BL2.

Yeah, I miss Jack, the crazy side missions and the general lunacy. But on the gameplay side, I find BL3 a big step up and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.


I think it may yet be a little early to say, to much on the replay ability. The DLC’s have good replay ability. We need to see what DLC 3 and DLC 4 have to offer. Though borderlands 3’s main game is worse then borderlands 2’s. Borderlands 2’s DLC’s are not as good as borderlands 3’s so far, at lest story wise. This is just my opinion.

in BL2 i wasn’t relying on legendaries :slight_smile:

main story and quests where more fun (DLC’s where also great offcourse)


Personally, for me it’s a combination of the story being a huge slog with a lot of sections where you are just waiting for people to finish talking, and some of the levels themselves being too big with lots of empty/pointless space that you just drive through most of the time. The load times and stability/framerate on console are also really bad and that discourages me a bit.

The levels in the main game are a lot larger but they are less well made in my opinion than most of the DLC areas which are often smaller but things are much better laid out.