About spawn camping in capture and face-off

hey all,
i played a bit of overwatch the other day and noticed that they allow those behind the barrier you spawn behind to shoot through it and do not allow the enemies to shoot through it. If this was adopted in battleborn wouldn’t it eliminate the spawn camping problem?


It would be a welcome addition, but I am going to correct your main point.

In OW, there are 2 barriers. 1 allows you to change character, the other disables the enemy team from entering a teams spawn.

The hero switcher heals all characters in it, 152/sec, and is behind some sort of cover. This prevents spawn camping tremendously. It doesn’t keep enemies out (like dragons) but out heals those attacks.

The Boundry allows all fire through it, but only one team can move through it. It will still allow burst kills, but often tires out enemy.

The spawn Camping problem in BB is much more difficult. The problem is that the walking times for BB (and spawn times) are atrocious, and due to self regen items/healers, by the time you return (with or without a team), you are repeating the first encounter. One team will win, usually the one which is spread out a bit more, and set up.
Even if the barriors in BB made all heroes in them healed, and they could fire through, it would still not be a great solution. It would create a more fun match, but then TPing back to base would be useless.

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right right, i guess that guy just sticks the tip of his gun out the barrier (cant remember his name atm).
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double edit: lol BASTION!!

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Yeah, BB face off/ Capture maps suck. They need a serious rework, so that the spawn time + walking distance doesn’t allow entire teams to abuse the system.

Like a diminishing returns death system. If you die so often in a short period of time, (3 times in 5 mins) then the respawn time is shortened for that player. This would fix a lot of these issues in bigger modes, but not in capture, because the matches are so short

ive heard that people have won by just sitting on the drop off point. ive never done it myself but whatever. i dont quite know what you mean by abusing the respawn system but dont tell me id rather be in the dark about ways to cheat :smiley:

And people wonder why I only play Incursion


The problem is there is no cheating the long death and walk system. What needs to be placed is a death system that decreases time dead if it happens consistently, so you can’t just get overpowered at spawn. This way the attacking team can’t fully heal and have abilities on CD when you engage them.
Even if its just for capture and Face Off, it would greatly benefit those modes.

I know this system is technically in the game just by helix level, but it needs to be better balanced, so a stomping team doesn’t just, you know, stomp.

Decreasing spawn timers would, in most situations, just mean that the spawn campers get more kills in less time. The problem is map design and matchmaking, not death timers.

Edit: In my opinion, Capture as a whole is a problem. Even after the changes I don’t feel like it’s got enough XP sources - in Incursion and Meltdown you build stuff, kill minions, capture thralls and kill enemy Battleborn. In capture you kill battleborn, varelsi or sit on point. You can’t do any of this stuff if you’re outclassed by the enemy.

And at least Meltdown and Incursion offer some safe haven outside of spawn with sentries and turrets covering your back - you’ve got a place to fall back to. In Capture and Face-off you need to win fights to simply stay alive. On some maps the only way to get back to spawn is mobility skills or teleporting - if an enemy spots you they can chase you to the ends of the world, you’ve got no way to avoid these encounters.
Whatever imbalances in teams there is are highlighted by these modes because of the way they’re designed.

I’m still absolutely baffled why Gearbox chose to base a new game mode on capture. It’s unpopular for very good reason.

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Just saying, but you can spawn camp in Echelon as well…

lol, i love capture :slight_smile:

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All maps can be spawn camped in, capture maps are just the worst offenders. Spawn camping can’t be completely eliminated as it’ll happen in uneven matchups either way, the moment players exit a safe area (spawn) there will be enemies waiting.

But with good map design you can give players tools to fight back. Or you can make a map like Outback where you’re basically jumping down into a grinder if your team won’t coordinate, which is a thing that often happens in pug matches.

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True, the lack of Exp was one of the main complaints with the mode, and why we instantly get lv. 3. Maybe the more deaths:MInute ratio, the less exp you drop? I don’t know. I agree though, the maps for capture and faceoff are the worst in the game (besides that “Map” called echelon)