About Spoiler format

This is not important, just curious about how the forum tools work.

As far as I noticed, the spoiler works here by blurring the content, like this.
In other forums, the spoilers hide by closing and opening space in the text.

The advantage is not only hiding, but managing for the reader the amount of text he/she will have to read, now or later.
You can have 5 items listed and they actually are 100 lines. This way the reader can choose what to do about it.

I’d like to know if we have or if we could have this type of spoiler?

Hmmm, maybe you could change the font colour to be the same as the background?
Then you would have to highlight it to be able to read it.

What I need is to diminish the space, I want to use the spoiler as chapter maker - you put a title and you put the content “inside” a spoiler. If you want to read the content you collapse it.

Hmm I’m not sure if that’s possible on this forum.

I dont think it is, but i will ping @JoeKGBX for ya to give you a possible answer or have it looked into.