About that little surrender button

Alright, This is probably the most useless feature here. The surrender button really needs to be removed, because all that does is mess up every single match. most people who play battleborn pvp are not using a mic in game chat, so if one person just gives up after a long match of pushing and nothing happening in incursion for example, and that person decides to select that little button, and one person really thinks its gonna be a clutch game and selects against surrender…it really dosent make any progress. Ive been in countless matches where people even go asfar as to dm me to surrender in my very own team. Also people who fail to surrender most likely leave the damn match and leave their teammates to dust. I really think it would work if it were to be a punishmet for surrendering or leaving a match early, or even better have the option removed…

Pvp is to beat ass and have fun complete match… not to leave early and surrender.


I’d agree with you if the matchmaking worked. For the time being it’s a tad cruel

I disagree wholeheartedly. Surrender button is there to spare yourself from a bad match. If you surrender you shouldn’t be punished. But maybe they can make it so the winning team gets a slight bonus off it.

I hate playing in anything less than a 3 man since we can’t control the vote.

I played in a 2 yesterday where we had control most of the game, way ahead on kills but they scratched our sentry and our three randoms surrendered instantly.

My mate was lvl9 KU and I was approaching 10 on Orendi…


No, because that’ll just encourage people to play like a**holes in the hopes of forcing the opposition to surrender so they can get a bonus. I don’t mind having it there, but I still reckon the time between when you can vote for surrender needs to be increased further.

I think it should give you a loss that stacks on consecutive matches (ex. 1 surrender = 0 loss, 2 surrender = 1 losses, 3 surrender = 2 ,etc.) but only if ur the one asking for the surrender, I’m sick of people spamming surrender when they’re the first death or whatnot. It is just a game, u respawn

How is that different from playing to win normally?

Quitter Points.

Each time you quit or vote for surrender you get Quitter Points. Once accumulated they will block you from playing in public games or add possibility for other players to kick you out of the team. Quitter Points disappear month after they were given, more Quitter Points are given for player who started the vote. When you will accumulate the points, there will be Quitter displayed next to your name so others will know.

This will still allow people to quit from time to time if they need to, just not all the time.