About that slam guardian rank skill being completely useless

edit: so apparently the change was made so you can slam on flat ground which makes safeguard kinda silly (it will still be crap for speedrunning since the animation is way too slow) but the overall usefulness of slam outside of that is still abyssmal

You guys know slam is crap because it doesnt scale with anything except height?

it does p***poor damage.

Can you please add some sort of scaling to slam and the slide tackle?

Both of these moves are 100% useless right now.

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We get singularities and safeguard also, this is the only way to make those artifacts viable.

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theyre still terrible - its so bad its just not worth using.

Safeguard doesnt do damage.

This guardian rank is like the guy who made it has no idea how awful slam actually is.

It’s not supposed to do damage… Are you high or just uber vexed?


Mine shows disabled although I have like 200+ in that tree thing. Do I need to spend at least 1 more token to unlock it?

It’s disabled by default. You just need to “enable” it.

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actually nevermind

the point apparently was that you can use it on flat

that makes sense

still ■■■■■■■ terrible for anything that isnt safeguard


The only thing useless about this skill is that the elevation difference needed to throw a slam previously was so low that there was almost nowhere that this move wasn’t available already.

As a serial slammer, I’m all over this rank.