About that Story of the DLC... it seems like this was overlooked

“They are jamming the Signal, so destroy the jammers and ready the Rally Beacon so I can come over. Finding you is impossible unless you do as I tell you on this open channel anyone can access which isn’t affected by the jammers, aparently.”

Thats what Attikus SHOULD say.

I mean… how can he tell us if the signal is jammed? He also doesn’t say its for the other Thralls, so they know the Time has come, it is so he can find us.

I love the DLC but that first objective really makes me scratch my head.

I think they’re supposed to be jamming the GPS that the beacon uses. Maybe the radios the Thralls are using are over the air and the GPS is satellite based or something?

Your simulating the events of a heavily fabricated past in a VR :confused: