About the 15% max guardian rank benefits cap

Loving the game, really fun but… is there a plan from Gearbox to put make infinite only when playing solo at least?

Yes, yes… I know… another of these threads.

Anyways, I love to get stronger all the time even if slowly.

In the previous installation of the series I have about 45-50% everything and it helps a lot while in BL3 gear makes the guardian ranks almost irrelevant imo.

My goal here is not to whine, just to ask. Thanks!


I want to know why it caps. The reason behind it


Because the simplest way to mod the game in bl2 was to boost badass rank to absurd levels and have highly inflated stats, if I’m not mistaken.
The cap was introduced to avoid this.


Could cap it at 108% and give us all a good ride to grind.

Well I guess I’m not whining either but man, I game hardcore GBX! I neeeeed a longer road to traverse


They could make it slower too, I wouldn’t mind. It took me two year to make it to 45-50%.

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Your not even halfway there, last i saw :rofl:… ive got maybe 1.5% left in all but hp + shield capacity, and vehicle damage


Nah thats beside the point, capping at 15% makes me spend tokens into places I didn’t want, I’d rather scale enforcer into the 50% while maintaining lower percentages in the other two. I usually level things this way, severly limit one aspect and carry a hefty main style.

At some point the player is forced to spend tokens across the board until everyone has the same set of boosts, this doesn’t allow for min maxing of the ranks

Removing it at this point would be rather useless.

Overpowered legendaries and anointments allready blow numbers out of proportions.

It would be great if there wasn’t any mayhem weaponscaling so everyone had somewhat of a progression however small.

Allas, GBX will probably give up on the game before realizing how to make endgame fun/engaging

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One of the big things I miss about BAR vs GR is earning the badass tokens for completing the challenges. Now those same challenges only give you a handful of eridium and nothing else.

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