About the 7xp offline

So I seen on YouTube that u can get a ton of xp by doing some glitch trick thing. I’m confused cause somebody said you had to be at circle slaughter and kill the boss u want and then quickly go offline and someone else said you can do it a different way. So I’m confused how can u get a ton of xp farm for yourself for guardian rank. What are the steps exactly to so this ?

You have to install the game (from disc now) and install no patches. Then play offline.

Playing offline still gives you tons of xp. Just no Bloody Harvest, lower class mod drop rates, and some weapons that got “soft” patched will have lower stats offline(PowerBall, Destructo Spinner etc.)

So if I uninstall the game and reinstall from disc I will keep my saves right ? Just don’t go online

Hmm…saves I’m not so sure about.

I don’t believe you’ll lose your saves (although back them up as a precaution) but save games can also be versioned, meaning they’ll only operate in certain versions of the game.

It’s a gamble. If it pays off, you’ll be able to use your saves in a vanilla mode.

If it doesn’t pay off, you’ll have unusable characters until you upgrade.

On the xbox all you need to do is go offline in settings once the game hits the claptrap dancing screen.

No hoops to jump through and bosses to kill.

No current events active or hotfixes will be implemented though.

Lots of people farm xp and items killing Chupakabra over and over offline like this.