About the audio sliders


When turning down the dialogue volume, dialogue in cut scenes is not affected, which you would assume would happen.
When turning down the music volume, some* music effects are not affected, which you would assume would happen.
Why is this? They seem to both be treated as “sound effects” instead of the logical option.

I find this annoying since I often play PvE with music and dialog off, while having the sound effects on, since I like to listen to my own music in the background or watch some shows. But playing without sound effects is weird and also I want to hear the shooty boomy!

*The music in the background of Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion dialog scenes, at least.

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Happens in TFR also. I think it’s because certain dialogue is important to hear but is supposed to be difficult to hear at the same time.

Most “annoying” things in the ops seem to have a good reason behind them imo.

I don’t understand this reason.

Just let me mute all music and dialogue without muting attacks/movement/misc sounds.

Idk I could be wrong.