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(Jeffybug) #1

Discussion about Battleborn’s competitive multiplayer gameplay happens here.

(kryp0n1t3@yahoo.com) #2

Well I haven’t been able to play online so I don’t have anything to report. The match making is to long though.

(Nitsud) #3

Is this the forum we give our opinions on how the multiplayer can be improved?

(yentoff) #4

sometimes you get in a 4 againts 5 into the game before the champion select has even started, should not be able to happen.

melee champions are too mobile and have insane amount of cc for the burst they deal
once they get to you as a ranged damage dealer you are dead while you kinda have almost no escape

but game is fun to play

(PantyHawk) #5

While the Co OP story part seems be launching pretty Quickly the Multiplayer is a whole other thing. I’ve Qued for Versus 5 times and have waited at minimum of 30minutes each time upwards of an Hour with just seeing my side full waiting for opponents.

(devans6464) #6

Anyone think phoebe is a bit too powerful, I wouldn’t say op shes not broken i just think she is one of the most powerful characters or she is the most powerful character right now.( this post is only talking about the default characters in the game not the ones you can buy)

(pkthunderbeard@gmail.com) #7

Feels like the Defender characters get the bad end in multiplayer: their damage is negligible and their defense (what should be their main attribute) is useless. Without a healer or regeneration station, it is easy for one to get wiped out in a one on one fight.

(Fornari Dani) #8

I have been loving the game so far, I’m level 23. But one think that I have noticed is that the game is usually decided in 5 minutes. That is because the game has no “comeback system”, there isn’t anything that will help you make a came back from losing to winning. Other competitive games usually have a mechanic that will help the losing team but there isn’t one in battleborn and I think that is a major flaw of the game. After the 5 minutes of the game and my team is losing it is also frustrating that I can’t surrender within 5 minutes because I know my team won’t make a comeback.


This, man. As much as I’ve enjoyed the characters and the FPS mechanics of the game, the MOBA aspect feels like it’s just tacked on. Honestly, I think this game would be better as a straight FPS.

(ananaszexpreaz) #10

I really like this game. I like when the characters swearing sometimes so u can see this is not a childish game. I really like the ideas,and Battleborns but some of them just overpower except somebody can’t use it :smiley: The story mode made me remembered Borderlands which is my favorite game so i like Battleborn. New maps,Battleborns,continouing the story mission,add-ons or power-ups when you level up with one Battleborn. Keep it going guys it’s gonna be a good game :smiley:

(tranylle@gmail.com) #12

This is the first day I’ve been able to get into a multiplayer game. Seems fun but I’m behind everyone in skill lol. I did not like Isic. Seems like he doesn’t do much damage.

(tranylle@gmail.com) #13

Server is still down for me for stress test. Also, I don’t know if this is already in the works but it would be nice to have a mercenary version of multiplayer so people can’t have teams. Typically when you are playing against a full team you get crushed. Had a game that was 70 to 500. I hate crap like that.

(Borggren95) #14

Something I think that would make this game better is a leader board or some way to track the competitive aspect of the game.

(twisted_essence@hotmail.com) #15

Hey just letting you know even though there might not be a comeback system it is all about teamwork. We had a game when they were up 370-140 and kills up by 10 and we pulled together singled out who we needed and made a comeback.

(yamcha888) #16

Anybody have some tips for me, I feel that I can’t turn around fast enough or dodge that well in PVP but everyone else I play are always moving faster than me that I can’t hit them. I feel that since I haven’t played that many Online FPS’s that I am at a slight disadvantage right now.

  1. As always: “practice makes perfect.”

  2. Another tip would be: to anticipate the actions of those around you. take risks (afterall it is a game) and piece together the the patterns. Where would you move to if the enemy you are shooting at is you?

  3. Have fun

cheers :thumbsup:

(yamcha888) #18

That does help. I’ll try that more. I also think I need better gear depending on the character I use.

(0badmonkey0) #19

Can’t talk about what you can’t play.

(0badmonkey0) #20

I apologize Gearbox. Expectations are a birch. I have respected your companies work since Half-Life days. Single player… Very enjoyable. MP… Maybe I am too old as I relish Red neck Rampage… It does not seem clear how you score and what the goal is AT that time in the game. That being said, love the characters, can’t wait to see what’s next.

(Freibert93) #21

I love the fact that there is finally a competitive matchmaking for this game. My one and major complaint though… let us pick the game mode. Every time capture mode is picked I die a little inside. If I wanted to play domination I would go play COD. Please let us pick the game mode because I refuse to play capture. Once this is done and a way to view mine and other peoples player skill level the game will be perfected. I have not played and bought a fps in a long time. This game was the exception please continue to not be like just your average shooter.