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(PeutPeutZilla) #22

I love the game and that mode, but some players keep on quitting the game when they have low HP and nearly killed. And they join right back after. So they are never killed, and opponents don’t have the experience.
Maybe a cool down should be added or the characters should stay on map to avoid that. (like in LoL for instance)


(Hucancode) #23

How long does it take you to find a match? I played 14hrs already but just got 1 or 2 games, the rest are bot matches. I live in SEA.


(Jocke Ffenrir) #24

Coop Matchmaking

The reason why most players leave is due to low players in a region, so if you are able to create a way to make the region lock be removed and be able to optimize/ fragment/ divide the big chunks of data in smaller…NO a more categorized files it may improve it? Not sure about this but at least I gave you a idea