About the BL3 skins and the VIP bonus weapon

I really wanna buy that Oni Zane head but does it counts towards the bonus for the Maliwan weapon you can get? I just don’t wanna get screwed out of it because I barely have enough points with just buying weapons to get enough checkmarks for it…

No only gear counts, so weapons, shields and grenades.

Daaaaaamn alright well thanks for the quick reply!

There will be more codes and activities so you can gain more points before BL3 launch.

If you do the survey and the weapon slots you get 4 free guns. then google borderlands 3 VIP codes. there are a few sites that have lists of all the still active codes. Between the VIP activities and the code list, you should have enough points for 4 weapons and 1 head.

oh. but I also recommend maybe saving 4000 or 8000 points and only buying 2 guns, just incase Gearbox decides to throw in any last minute free weapon codes or events. (just in case) no real rush to actually buy the guns now until a day before the release.