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Do you remember the applause from BorderLands when you turned in a completed mission. I miss that. Does anybody else? I hope it comes back to Borderlands 3.

I would love to see the ability to link items for switching builds on the fly. That way you could switch a relic/grenade/shield all at once without bringing up the menu the same way you switch weapons.



Hope to add more scenarios, such as desert Egyptian Pyramid Pharaoh and some other adventures.

Eh I’m gonna at least wait a month or two on it. Having no clue what Gearbox is going to do for upcoming DLC, red flags from how 2K is restricting reviews to only US based outlets, and the way a game company/publisher can really mess things up a lot for a game by trying to be sneaky in adding in bs a month after launch to try to trick metacritic (yeah i’m looking at you Crash Team Racing) combined with Gearbox/Pitchford’s recent history makes me kinda iffy on picking it up.

Plus I’ll be too busy/having my cash tied up with Pokemon Sword/Shield and the new Destiny 2 expansion over the next 90 days so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It’s sad because I loved the living sh** out of Borderlands 2.

What if someone reveals a spoiler in the comments? Is there a way to report it?

Hola, espero que esto debair aquí pero espero que si, alguien sabe el porqué aun teniendo en cada mapa de prometheo que tengo los lugares descubiertos no me Dan el logro de urbanita? O porque me pone que tengo 34 de 30 de losas eridianas descubiertas y tampoco da el logro.

I am very sorry I bought the game and the DLC pack. They have ruined the game with the boss fights. The same dumb boring formula of locking you into an area, now with less opportunity for strategic maneuvering than ever before with every boss essentially the same- a ton of health and shields and some form of unavoidable area and rush attack. What a shame since they have made customizing your characters fighting abilities better than ever since it all boils down to a strafe shooting DPS attrition battle in every single boss fight. I with I had listened to reviews that warned about this before spending my money, but since I liked BL1 & 2 I took a chance. The refund policy is a joke, if you give the game a fair chance like you should you will not be able to get a refund. I really wanted to like this game but am already bored and have not gotten all the way through Hostile takeover. Made it to the boss fight and have no interest in playing in the way the game forces you to.

I have what’s probably a dumb question, but I’ve googled it a couple times & found no answer. In the mission log, I have a list of completed missions… Some have a Vault sign by them & some don’t. They appear to be missions I completed in couch co-op. I never completed them solo (and note can’t for some reason). Does the Vault a symbol mean co-op?

It’s fun how they’re update and patches but enemies can still get glitched into walls and ruin slaughter shaft lol trash asf

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I would like the option to have Zane’s shield action skill be activated on Zane by holding the button. It would be much more convenient than putting the shield down then picking it up. This is just a small quality of life change I’ve been wanting recently.

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